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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

In Khatla Panchayat, Shivraj had a direct talk with the sarpanches about the provisions of the PESA Act….

Chief Minister Shivraj Chouhan addressed sarpanches of 40 gram panchayats of 4 districts in Khatla Panchayat organized during PESA awareness program at Mandi premises of Kukshi. He spoke directly to the sarpanches about the provisions of the PESA Act.

The Chief Minister said that along with the rights of water, forest and land, many other rights have also been given to the Gram Sabhas. Now you people have to empower the village. All of you should tell about the PESA Act in your panchayats. Now the decision has to be taken in the gram sabhas. That’s why you also have to create awareness among the people of the village about its various aspects. During the Khatla Panchayat, Bagh Sarpanch Dharmendra Bamnia thanked the Chief Minister for comprehensively empowering the Gram Sabhas. Sarpanch of Nisarpur, Last Patel also thanked. During this, MP VD Sharma and Regional MP Chhatarsingh Darbar were also present.

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