Higher Secondary School is running on paper, the sword is hanging on the future of the students…


Higher Secondary School is running on paper, the sword is hanging on the future of the students…

The Shivraj government sitting in the state may make lakhs of claims about providing better education in government schools, but in the ground reality, the false promises of the government are exposed. Some similar pictures are of Mahangwa Khurd School of Tendukheda development block of Damoh, Madhya Pradesh. Where the government upgraded it to Higher Secondary School without providing the facilities of building and teachers.

Due to which, now the future of the children of rural areas is at stake. If we talk about the children studying in this school, then 94 children in class 6-8 had to take admission in this school, whereas in class 9, 50 children had to take admission in this school. Whereas the school is running on the basis of only 1 primary teacher and 1 guest teacher, where there is not even a single higher secondary teacher present to teach the children of class 9th. Rather, quarterly examinations of children are to start from the month of September.

In such a situation, the question is for all those responsible leaders and officers who spend lakhs of rupees in the name of education but the ground reality tells something different. It is an election year and the future of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s nephews and nieces is at stake. How will the future become bright? The children studying in the school told that quarterly examinations are to start from 12th September. Months have passed since the school started but we have not got higher education till date. It is the secondary teachers who are studying there.

Primary teacher Ravi Shankar Paraste said that efforts are being made to provide education to the children but they are not getting better education. There is a shortage of staff. There are neither permanent teachers nor guest teachers. The government has converted this school to higher secondary. It has been done, but only the secondary teachers are teaching the higher secondary children, due to this, their future is also at stake. We do not feel that we are able to give the best education to these children. Regarding this entire matter, the group principal Raghuraj Thakur said that he has also written letters to the education department officials sitting in the district several times and informed them about this, but those responsible do not even care about the future of the children.

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