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helth issues: Negligence of doctors not considered on the death of the infant in the womb

Health issues: Indore.In Indore, the team probing the death of an infant in the womb of a pregnant woman has submitted its report stating that the doctors were negligent in this case. Not there. The case pertains to Government PC Sethi Hospital where the husband of the pregnant woman has alleged that due to negligence the baby had died in the womb of his wife and she remained without treatment for several hours.

After the case of negligence on the hospital management came to the fore, the Indore Collector ordered an immediate inquiry into the matter. A shocking report has also come to the fore in this matter. In which it is mentioned that there is no negligence of the doctors in this case.

This investigation has been completed by the officials of the Health Department. In the same case, the postmortem report of the infant has also not been revealed yet.

Maternity did not get treatment on time

The whole matter is that the eighth month of delivery of Prasuta Priyanka’s husband Gangaram Sharma was going on. During this, she suffered pain several times and every time her husband took her to the nearest PC Sethi Hospital, where without any checkup or investigation, the delivery was returned saying that the time of delivery was not completed.

In the same hospital itself, the sonography unit used to return them every time by giving excuses. Due to the pain somehow the sonography of the child was done on 11th April. It was revealed in the report that the baby inside the womb had died a day earlier. Even after the report came out, the child was not taken to the operation theatre. Looking at the passing time, the woman’s husband somehow contacted the collector and informed about the matter.

After the collector’s displeasure, the dead child was removed from the womb after the operation. The collector had given instructions to the hospital superintendent to investigate. Whose surprising report has also come to the fore.

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