Heart Attack: Played the role of Ravana in Ramleela, suddenly felt chest pain while changing clothes after coming off the stage, death.


Heart attack: played the role of ravana in ramleela, suddenly felt chest pain while changing clothes after coming off the stage, death. - news2news. In

Bhopal. Played the role of Ravana in Ramleela. While changing clothes after coming down from the stage, a 42 year old man suddenly felt chest pain. He pressed his chest and sat on the ground. As the pain increased, the man called out to his fellow artists. Hearing the voice, fellow artists took him to the district hospital. Where the doctors declared him dead after examination. The matter is of Digauda police station area of ​​Tikamgarh.

last day Ravana slaughter was staged
Mahayagya, Bhagwat Katha, Sant Sammelan and Ramlila were organized from 2 to 10 February at Madiya Baba Temple of Chainpura Bachhoda village. Ravana slaying was staged on the last day of Ramlila at 2 am on 10th February. At 2 o’clock in the night, Bhola Singh, who played the role of Ravana, went to the dressing room. While taking off his clothes, Bhole started having chest pain. Fellow artists took Bhola to the district hospital in a private vehicle. Where the doctor declared him dead. Let us tell you that Bhola Singh was a resident of Khisni village. His last rites were performed on 11 February.

organizing committee Members gave information after a day
Bhola Singh, who was playing the role of Ravana on the last day of Ramlila, died on Saturday night. The members of the organizing committee have now made the disclosure. Committee members say that February 10 was the culmination of the religious ritual. Bhandara was kept on 11th. To avoid spoiling the atmosphere, information about Bhole Raja’s death was not given. The committee told the people that Bhele is undergoing treatment in the hospital. After the Bhandara on Sunday night, people were informed about Bhole’s death.

Worrying:People suddenly stopped breathing while walking

Case-1: Two days ago the judge died while playing badminton.
Two days ago, an Additional Sessions Judge in Tikamgarh died while playing badminton. While playing, the judge felt pain in his chest and he pressed his chest and sat down. Family members and others were taking Additional Sessions Judge HC Patel to the hospital when he died on the way. Additional Sessions Judge HC Patel was posted in Jatara for one and a half years.

Case-2: Sudden death while eating samosa
On February 3, Jaswant Babulal, an employee of the company doing highway construction work, died while having breakfast in a hotel in Betul. While eating the samosa, he suddenly fell face down on the ground and could not get up again. The police took the man to the hospital, where the doctor declared him dead.

Case-3: School bus driver also died of heart attack
A few days ago, two shocking cases of death due to heart attack were reported in Indore. The driver of the bus carrying children to school suddenly suffered chest pain and died after some time. After feeling chest pain, the driver stopped the bus and leaned on the seat. Before the children could understand anything, his breathing had stopped.

Case-4: Student dies while studying in coaching
During a coaching class in Indore, an 18-year-old student suffered chest pain and fell headlong on the bench. Friends took him to the hospital. The doctor declared him dead. The student was preparing for PSC.

Case-5: The driver of the school van also stopped breathing in Bhopal.
A week ago in Bhopal, a school van driver had died in a similar manner. He was going to drop the children home from school, when suddenly he started having a headache. Due to pain, the van driver shifted the children to another vehicle and parked the vehicle on the roadside and started resting, when they stopped breathing.

Case-6: Death occurred while playing cricket in Khargone and Tikamgarh
A 22-year-old player had died while hitting fours and sixes in the cricket field in Khargone. Player Inder Singh Jadhav (22) batted fiercely first. Scored the most runs by hitting fours and sixes. He was performing well in bowling too when suddenly God took away his breath. After the heart attack, fellow players took him to the hospital. The doctors declared him dead. An army soldier died of a heart attack while playing a cricket match in Tikamgarh.

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