Health of 30 children deteriorated due to Republic Day special banquet: Incident in Rewa’s primary school Padri created panic, officials reached the hospital.


Health of 30 children deteriorated due to republic day special banquet: incident in rewa's primary school padri created panic, officials reached the hospital. - news2news. In

30 children ill due to midday meal in Rewa: On Republic Day, 30 children fell ill after eating special food prepared in the school. School teachers and local people immediately admitted the children to Sirmaur Civil Hospital. Where treatment is continuing. Top officials of the education department and administration reached the hospital and inquired about the health of the children. Also, after discussing with the doctors, they have been asked for proper treatment.

30 children ill due to midday meal in rewa
30 children ill due to midday meal in Rewa

The incident of more than 30 children falling ill due to mid-day meal is from Sirmaur area of ​​Rewa district. On the day of Republic Day, the cook had prepared a special meal in the primary school located at Gram Panchayat Padri. After the flag hoisting and cultural presentations, as soon as the children ate the puri-sabzi prepared in the mid-day meal, their health started deteriorating one by one. When 30 children of the school became ill, the teachers of the school got scared and after informing the top officials of the department, they immediately took the children to Sirmaur Hospital, where they are being admitted and treated.

Insects found in kheer, second meal served against children
Here, in Alot of Ratlam district, insects were buzzing in the kheer served to children on Republic Day. The second kheer was changed after children protested. The incident took place in Thuriya village. Villagers have complained about the video going viral. Told that low quality rice was used in the mid-day meal. The children refused to eat food after seeing insects. We complained to the administration officials, but no action was taken.

The operator told about the conspiracy of the villagers
The director of the mid-day meal organization has described this entire incident as a conspiracy by the villagers. Said, Basmati rice was used in the food. The cook has been instructed to cook food with cleanliness. Someone has put worms in the kheer to defame him.



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