HEALTH NEWS: Patients are increasing due to changing weather, crowd is seen in hospitals


HEALTH NEWS: Patients are increasing due to changing weather, crowd is seen in hospitals

HEALTH NEWS:Bhopal. With the changing weather, the period of increase in diseases has also started. These days, long queues of patients are also being seen in hospitals. Due to the change in weather, while people are suffering from cold and cough, the number of heart attack patients is also increasing.

Patients suffering from deadly disease like asthma are facing more problems these days. Necessary medicines and other treatment resources have been prepared for such patients in hospitals. In the month of November, more patients are seen suffering from cold and fever these days. The number of such patients has increased in government hospitals.

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The number of heart patients has also increased. Heart patients are reaching Hamidia and JP Hospital of Bhopal city. Some people have died due to heart attack in different police station areas of the capital. Incidents of death of patients have been reported in the last 24 hours in Kamla Nagar, Misrod, Katara Hills and Hanumanganj police station areas of the city.

According to an estimate, these days almost 50 people are having heart attacks every day in the city. Starting to feel cold. In this regard, doctors are also appealing to people of all ages to make changes in their daily routine and pay special attention to their eating habits. To avoid serious diseases like heart attack, instructions are being given to do regular exercise, eat proper food and consult doctors. These days, the number of patients suffering from the problem of increased BP in hospitals has also increased. If symptoms like chest pain, difficulty in breathing, sweating occur, it is important to immediately take patients to specialist doctors.

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