Gopal became the narrator: ‘False world, false bonds, all this is false Maya…’ Why did the 9-time MLA sing this hymn, watch video


Gopal became the narrator: 'false world, false bonds, all this is false maya... ' why did the 9-time mla sing this hymn, watch video - news2news. In

Bhopal.Gopal Bhargava, who was a minister in Madhya Pradesh for 18 years, is engrossed in the devotion of Shri Ram these days. Rahli MLA Gopal is singing bhajans in the costume of a storyteller. The video of Gopal singing bhajan has also gone viral on social media. In the video, the MLA is saying that Lord Ramlala’s life has been consecrated in Ayodhya. On this auspicious occasion, I am remembering a song which I used to sing in my childhood. I still remember some lines of this song. I will try to hum them. There may be some errors, because I am singing again after 50 years. Saying this, Gopal sang… Vanwari re, jeene ka sahara tera naam re, mujhe duniya walo se kya kaam re…’False world, false bonds, false all this is Maya….

 Let us tell you that 9-time MLA and senior leader Gopal Bhargava has not got the responsibility of minister in the ‘Mohan government’ of Madhya Pradesh. Perhaps due to not having the burden of a big responsibility on his shoulders, Gopal is engrossed in worshiping God these days.

Gopal is seated on the throne in Bhagwat Katha.
Let us tell you that Bhagwat Katha is being organized in Pateria village located in Gadhakota area of ​​Rahli assembly constituency. Former minister Pandit Gopal Bhargava Vyas is seated on the throne. Wearing tilak on his forehead and saffron clothes, former minister Bhargava is narrating the story to the devotees coming to the religious event. Along with this they are also singing hymns. Videos of the Katha ceremony are also viral on social media. MLA Gopal Bhargava has also made a video viral on his ex.

Was Public Works Minister in Shivraj Government
Let us tell you that Gopal Bhargava is a 9-time MLA from Rahli assembly of Sagar. He also held the post of minister in the BJP government of Madhya Pradesh for 18 years. When the Congress government was formed in 2018, Gopal was also made the Leader of Opposition. During the election campaign, Gopal was also claiming for the post of Chief Minister, but could not get a place in Mohan Yadav’s cabinet. Senior BJP leader Bhargava was the previous Minister of Public Works Department, Cottage and Village Industries in Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s government.

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