Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: For the third consecutive year, Ganeshotsav will last for 10 days instead of 11.


Ganesh Chaturthi 2023: For the third consecutive year, Ganeshotsav will last for 10 days instead of 11.

Bhopal. This time the Ganeshotsav, which runs from Ganesh Chaturthi to Anant Chaturdashi, will last for 10 days instead of 11. The reason for this is that Ashtami and Navami Tithi are falling together on 23rd September. Ganeshotsav will start on 19th September. Whereas the finale will be on 28th September on Anant Chaturdashi. This is the third consecutive time that the date has changed in Ganeshotsav. In 2021 and 2022, Ganeshotsav was of 10-10 days only. However, before that in 2018, 2019 and 2020, Ganeshotsav was for 11 days only. There was no decay of any date during this period. In the last five years, thrice Ganashotsav was of 11 days each. Whereas twice Ganeshotsav was celebrated only for 10 days. Guru Pandit Ramjeevan Dubey, the priest of Maa Chamunda Darbar, told that such a situation arises due to the decay of dates. That is why sometimes Ganeshotsav lasts for 11 days and sometimes for 10 days.

Preparations begin as the festival approaches

As Ganeshotsav approaches, the organizing committees have also started preparations. Pandals are being set up on a large scale in the capital. The idol makers are busy giving final touches to the idols. Small and big Ganesh idols are almost ready in the city for the 10-day festival in the capital. At many places the height of the statues will be more than 15 feet. Pandals, big and small, are decorated at more than 500 places in Bhopal. In these, Ganesh idols of height 5 feet to 15 feet and above are installed. More than 15,000 Ganesh idols are installed in Bhopal from homes to pandals. Accordingly, the artists of the city are making statues.

Pandals are being decorated…

Attractive decorations are being done in the Ganesh temples of the capital. Similarly, pandals are being decorated at intersections also. Due to Ganesh Utsav, attractive lighting is being done at many places in the city. Siddhi Vinayak Temple located in Chhola is being decorated like a bride. Attractive lighting is being done here. At the same time, preparations are also going on in full swing at Shri Ganesh Temple Piplani located in Piplani C Sector of BHEL. A special pandal is being made here.

A glimpse of greenery and cleanliness will be seen in the pandals

This time Ganesh idols will be installed at about 500 places in the capital. This time, preparations are being made to decorate the attractive pandal. This year, messages of environmental protection, safety and clean Bhopal will be given in most of the pandals.

Peepal Chowk will be decorated with flowers

This time, on behalf of the Ganeshotsav Dol Gyaras Celebration Committee of Peepal Chowk, the tableau will be decorated with flowers and leaves along with electrical decorations to give the message of environment and cleanliness.

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