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Fraud of one lakh eight thousand rupees by changing ATM card

Fraud of one lakh eight thousand rupees by changing atm card - news2news. In

Bhopal. On Saturday afternoon, the fraudster cheated one lakh eight thousand rupees by changing the ATM card of the businessman of Guna, who came to withdraw money at the ATM located on Chhola Road located in Hanumanganj station area. The accused has transferred some rupees apart from cash from his ATM. The merchant came to know about the incident when one after the other message started coming on his mobile that the money was debited. After this he complained to the . has registered the case. Police is getting the footage of the CCTV camera installed in the ATM removed.

SI Navneet Verma told that Suresh Kumar Sharma (45) lives in Guna and is a businessman. He had to get his treatment done and he reached Bhopal from Guna. At the ATM located on Chhola Road, he withdrew one thousand rupees from the SBI ATM. He had to withdraw more money. During this a young man came to the ATM. Unfortunately, while withdrawing money for the second time, his money did not come out and the fraudster replaced his card with his card by pretending to help him. After changing the card, the accused fraudster left from there. After some time, Suresh Sharma realized that he had been cheated when he started receiving messages of money being withdrawn from his mobile account. The miscreant took out some cash from his ATM and made some transfers.

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