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FIR on MLA Umang Singar, wife filed rape case – Singhar said – tried to trap me, demanded Rs 10 crore

Fir on mla umang singar, wife filed rape case - singhar said - tried to trap me, demanded rs 10 crore - news2news. In

Bhopal – A 38-year-old woman has filed a rape report against Gandhwani MLA Umang Singhar at Naogaon station. The woman has described herself as the of Umang Singar. The woman has alleged that between November 2021 and November 18, 2022, Umang Singhar the woman in the MLA’s residence behind the PWD office and also assaulted her. The woman has also accused the MLA of committing unnatural acts. On the basis of all these allegations, Naugaon has registered a case against Umang Singar under sections 376, 377 and 498 of IPC.

The woman, a resident of Jabalpur, gave an application to the police and told that she was introduced to Umang Singar at a public event. After this both of them used to talk on the phone. Singar told her that I will marry you, stay with me. Thereafter she stayed with Umang Singar at Delhi, Gurugram, Bhopal and Dhar residences. During this, Singar made a physical relationship with her and started hesitating when asked to marry. When she talked about complaining about it, Singar married the woman on March 16, 2022 at her residence in Bhopal and then started torturing her. The woman alleges that she was unnaturalised, while Singar had also talked about making videos of her and showing them to friends. The woman also said that Umang Singar tried to kill her by hanging her from the balcony, then somehow she saved his life. After this, he continued to have physical relations without the consent of the woman.

Conspiracy to defame reputation – Singhar

– In order to defame me, he is being defamed by conspiring to tarnish my reputation. Pratima Mudgal Sharma Jabalpur demanded ten crore rupees from me. She is threatening to end my political career if I don’t give the money. Umang Singhar further said that she has been demanding Rs 10 crore from me for the last several days and was threatening to file a police case against me for not giving. Pratima was also torturing me mentally for the past several days. She was abusing me after beating. Because of this, I had also given an application against him in the police a few days back. At the same time, Pratima is harassing me regarding this dispute, she is blackmailing me and I am being trapped by political conspiracy. I come from the tribal society, so an attempt is being made to defame me by making political conspiracies with me. Ever since I have lodged a complaint against Pratima in the police station. Regarding this, she is leveling wild allegations against me and getting false registered. Also conspiring with me to spoil and defame my political career. MLA Umang Singar told that on 2.11.2022, I had given an application against Pratima in Naugaon police station Dhar that she is blackmailing me, she is trying to trap me by conspiring.

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