Farmers movement in Delhi: 70 farmers from Karnataka were forcefully landed in Bhopal, put in a train and sent to Ujjain.


Farmers movement in delhi: 70 farmers from karnataka were forcefully landed in bhopal, put in a train and sent to ujjain. - news2news. In

Bhopal. The stir of the farmers’ movement taking place in Delhi is also being heard in Madhya Pradesh. Farmers from Karnataka who were going to join the movement were forcefully taken off the train in Bhopal. The farmers have been taken to Ujjain on Tuesday. More than 70 farmers were settled at Manbha Marriage Garden in Ashoka Garden area of ​​Bhopal. There are also 30 women among them. Farmers say that they have been forcefully removed from the train. Have been asked to go back to Karnataka. The farmers also said that the Bhopal Police had forcefully removed them from the train at 3 am on Monday. Today the farmers were brought to Ujjain. Farmers allege that a woman was also injured because of the police. He has suffered a head injury.

Video made from train went viral
Parashuram Yatinagudda, who was present with the farmers, has released the video from the train. Farmers told that they are being taken to Ujjain for darshan. They are being taken to Ujjain on the pretext of having darshan of Mahakal. He wanted to attend the farmers’ program being organized in Delhi but Madhya Pradesh Police stopped him on the way.

Digvijay’s post: Whenever BJP gets scared, it puts police forward
Former Madhya Pradesh CM Digvijay Singh has targeted the government on this issue. Digvijay has written on social media Digvijay wrote on X that – This morning, the women going to participate in the farmers’ movement in Karnataka are being forcibly taken to Ujjain in police custody.

Jeetu’s post: Whenever the dictator is afraid, he calls the police forward.
Congress state president Jitu Patwari has attacked the government by tweeting on Twitter. Jatu has written that whenever a dictator is afraid. Pushes the police forward. Farmers from Karnataka, who were going to Delhi in the farmers’ movement, were brought to Ujjain on Tuesday morning. These are the same farmers who were taken off the Karnataka Express train at Bhopal railway station on Monday night. I condemn this step of Madhya Pradesh BJP government. I also want to say that Dr. Mohan Yadav government has clearly exposed its anti-farmer face at the behest of the dictatorship of the Centre. Everyone has the right to express their views in democracy. But the fear of the BJP government is telling that it does not want to allow the farmers to reach Delhi at any cost. Congress opposes this atrocities.

Borders of four states sealed, internet shut down
Farmers’ movement is going on in Delhi. In a meeting that lasted for 5 and a half hours in Chandigarh on the night of 12 February, farmer leaders and Union ministers could not agree on the Minimum Support Price (MSP) Guarantee Act and loan waiver. After this, Kisan Mazdoor Morcha convenor Sarwan Singh Pandher announced the march to Delhi. In view of the movement, the borders of Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh are sealed. Internet is closed in 7 districts of Haryana. Section 144 has been imposed in 15 districts. Singhu and Tikri borders of Haryana and Delhi have also been sealed. Strict barricading has also been done in Delhi. Section 144 has also been imposed here for one month.

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