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False allegation of rape against ADRM Gaurav Singh of Bhopal Railway Division, High Court dismissed the case

Rape case.

Rape case.

Bhopal. The woman, who lodged a rape case against ADRM Gaurav Singh of Bhopal Railway Division, had falsely accused him of rape in order to save her married life after being fed up of her husband’s harassment. In this matter which came to the fore on May 7, 2022, there was a lot of dirt on the Railways. After which the ADRM was transferred. After hearing the case, the High Court dismissed the case on January 24. Commenting on this, the High Court has said that the relation of the woman with her husband was bad from the beginning, whose complaint she had lodged with the Harda and Hoshangabad police.

After the death of the woman’s father, she was contacted by ADRM Bhopal Gaurav Singh in the case related to compassionate appointment, after which the woman got a job in the Railways. The woman had alleged that the ADRM misbehaved with her by making her stay in the retiring room of Bhopal railway station but did not present evidence during the hearing. The High Court also raised questions on the action of Govindpura police and Hoshangabad police, saying that no action was taken in that case when the woman was already complaining of assault and ill-treatment against her husband.

On the contrary, as soon as the woman accused the ADRM of rape under the pressure of her husband, a case was immediately registered against the senior railway official. The Court said that it appears that an attempt has been made to victimize the ADRM because of his senior position and hence the petition is being dismissed.

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