Doctors of AIIMS Bhopal cured blood cancer patient with this method, 50 year old sister also became helpful.


Doctors of aiims bhopal cured blood cancer patient with this method, 50 year old sister also became helpful. - news2news. In

AIIMS Bhopal: The patient, a resident of Bhopal, came to know about the disease in July 2023, when he reached a private hospital for treatment. When he did not get relief after treatment there, he reached AIIMS Bhopal. Initially chemotherapy was given, which cured the disease. But a stem cell transplant was planned for a permanent solution. The need for the procedure, procedure, complications and duration were explained in detail to the patient and his family. After his consent, he was admitted in December.

The stem cell donor was his 50-year-old sister. Medicine was given for four days to increase stem cells in his body. The stem cells were then collected from their bodies through an apheresis machine (like blood donation). Apheresis was performed for 2 consecutive days, as the required amount of stem cells was not obtained on the first day. These stem cells were infused into the patient’s body like blood. The donated stem cells started growing and functioning in his body from the first week of January. The patient has now been discharged from the hospital. He is completely fine. Will be closely monitored for the next 1 year.

The process involved a dedicated team of doctors from the Department of Medical Oncology/Hematology, Department of Transfusion Medicine, Department of Pathology and Radiotherapy Department. Professor (Dr.) Ajay Singh, Executive Director of AIIMS Bhopal, provided all possible support to the team for this process. Also congratulated the entire team for the successful transfusion.

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