Diversity exhibition organized in Bhojpur Club: 45% of her body burnt due to mural art but did not give up and became a famous mural artist


Diversity exhibition organized in bhojpur club: 45% of her body burnt due to mural art but did not give up and became a famous mural artist - news2news. In

Bhopal. Last year, while doing mural art, a bottle of thinner fell on my shirt and as soon as I went near the flame, my body started burning and due to this, my body got burnt by about 45%, but even after that, I had the courage within me to join the Army. Completed my mural art work project for the camp and am constantly working on my artwork. In which I keep doing nature painting as well as Buddha and different types of artwork. This is what mural artist Smita Gupta has to say, who brought her mural art work to the diversity exhibition organized at Bhojpur Club. More than 100 women of the city exhibited their products in the Vividha Exhibition organized at Bhojpur Club. Smita said that even though today I have recovered up to 80%, even after getting burnt, I did not leave my work because doing this work gives me a lot of relaxation and peace.

Left IT profession to pursue career in chocolate making
Bike rider and IT professional Deepika, who participated in the exhibition, said that my father-in-law and husband are excellent architects but along with this, cooking is also one of their skills. She said that my father-in-law makes very good chocolates and I used to help him in his work. . Deepika says that many times seeing me busy with IT profession, he used to say that you should move ahead in this business and today because of him, I left my IT profession and joined the business of chocolate making, from which I earn many times more income.

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Stall set up to promote weavers of Maheshwar
To promote Maheshwar and the weavers of Kashmir, well-known fashion designer Vishakha Srivastava set up a stall in the exhibition, on which she displayed Kashmiri winter wear along with Maheshwari sarees, Vishakha will make these products available to the customers at very low prices so that These weavers got promotions.

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