Cold knocked again in MP: Night temperature dropped in 28 districts and day temperature in 25, minimum temperature reached 4.5 degrees in Shivpuri.


Cold knocked again in mp: night temperature dropped in 28 districts and day temperature in 25, minimum temperature reached 4. 5 degrees in shivpuri. - news2news. In

Bhopal. The weather has changed again in Madhya Pradesh. Due to the northerly wind, another phase of cold has arrived in the entire state. In many districts people are shivering due to cold. If we talk about the last 24 hours, the night temperature has dropped by 6.5 degrees in 28 districts. In 25 districts, the day temperature dropped by one to 4.7 degrees. The minimum temperature has reached below 10 degrees in 15 districts. The maximum temperature in 24 districts is less than 25 degrees. Piprasama of Shivpuri was the coldest on Thursday. The minimum temperature recorded here was 4.5 degrees. Whereas the maximum temperature in Pachmarhi was 20 degrees. The night in Datia was also very cold. The minimum mercury recorded here was 6.8 degrees.

The weather will remain like this for three days
Meteorologist says that winter has returned in the state due to northerly wind. Light cold will be felt for the next 3 days. There will be a change in the weather again from 11-12 February. There may be cloud cover due to active western disturbance. There may be drizzle with thunder in some areas. There will be a drop in minimum temperature for 2 to 3 days.

Night temperature is lowest in these districts
The minimum temperature in Piprasama of Shivpuri was 4.5 degrees. The minimum mercury was 6.8 in Datia, 7 in Naugaon, 7.2 in Aanwari of Ashoknagar and Bijawar of Chhatarpur, 7.5 in Kalyanpur of Shahdol. Sagar 8.5, Umaria 9, Rewa 9, Guna 9.2, Pachmarhi 9 and Khajuraho recorded 9.2 degrees Celsius. Nagaon recorded the maximum temperature drop of 6.5 degrees in 24 hours.

Temperature was lowest in Pachmarhi and highest in Khandwa.
Pachmarhi’s day was the coldest in the state. The day temperature here was recorded at 20 degrees. The temperature dropped by 3.8 degrees in a single day. The maximum temperature in Sidhi, Khajuraho, Umaria, Rewa, Raisen, Shivpuri, Tikamgarh, Malajkhand, Dhar, Naugaon, Damoh, Narmadapuram, Sagar, Guna, Betul and Chhindwara also remained below 25 degrees. The highest maximum temperature of 30.2 degrees was recorded in Khargone. The temperature was 29.5 degrees in Khandwa and 29 degrees in Narsinghpur.

Day temperature dropped the most in Betul
The maximum day temperature drop was 4.7 degrees in Betul. The maximum temperature here was 24.5 degrees. In Chhindwara, the temperature dropped by four degrees and recorded 24.8. The temperature in Bhopal dropped by 3.1 degrees and reached 23.7 degrees. The maximum temperature was recorded at 22.8 degrees in Indore, 22.8 degrees in Gwalior, 23.9 degrees in Jabalpur and 25 degrees in Ujjain. The day’s mercury was recorded in Raisen 23, Shivpuri 23, Rewa 22.4, Umaria 22.4, Datia 21.7 and Sidhi 22.2.

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