Chill again in MP: Minimum temperature in 15 districts below 8 degrees, Rewa-Datia night is the coldest, know how the weather will be in future.


Chill again in mp: minimum temperature in 15 districts below 8 degrees, rewa-datia night is the coldest, know how the weather will be in future. - news2news. In

Bhopal. The weather has changed again in Madhya Pradesh. Cold has again knocked in the state due to northerly wind. The maximum and minimum temperatures have dropped, but people are shivering due to cold at night. In the last 24 hours, the night temperature in 38 districts has fallen by one to 4.5 degrees. The day temperature has dropped by 4.7 degrees in 28 districts. The minimum temperature has reached below 8 degrees in 15 districts. The maximum temperature in 24 districts is less than 25 degrees. The nights of Datia and Rewa were the coldest in the state. The minimum temperature recorded in both the districts was 4.5 degrees. Pachmarhi felt the coldest during the day. The maximum temperature here was 20 degrees.

what next: Chances of drizzle with thunder between 11th and 14th February
Meteorologist said that north wind is blowing in Madhya Pradesh. There are light clouds and coolness during the day. The night temperature has also dropped to 4.5 degrees. The night temperature may drop further in the next 24 hours. The weather will remain like this for the next two days. Due to the Psychnic Circulation System, there may be light rain with thunderstorms in Jabalpur, Gwalior, Narmadapuram, Shahdol, Sagar and Rewa divisions of the state between 11 and 14 February. According to the Meteorological Department, there may be drizzle at isolated places in Jabalpur, Narmadapuram, Shahdol and Sagar divisions on February 12. It is expected to rain in the eastern part of the state on February 13. There are chances of drizzle in Sagar, Rewa and Gwalior on 14th February also.

night in these districts temperature All time low

Districtminimum temperature

day in these districts temperature All time low

Districtmaximum temperature

Highest in Khargone 30.2 degrees maximum temperature
If we look at the temperature of big cities, the temperature in Bhopal was 9 degrees at night and 23.7 degrees during the day. Indore recorded 22.6 and minimum temperature 12.6, Gwalior 22.8 and 6.1, Ujjain 25, 10.5 and Jabalpur 23.9 and 7.8 degrees. The maximum day temperature drop was 4.7 degrees in Betul. At the same time, the night temperature has dropped to 4.5 degrees in Rewa. The maximum temperature in Sidhi, Khajuraho, Umaria, Rewa, Raisen, Shivpuri, Tikamgarh, Malajkhand, Dhar, Naugaon, Damoh, Narmadapuram, Sagar, Guna, Betul and Chhindwara also remained below 25 degrees. The highest maximum temperature of 30.2 degrees was recorded in Khargone. The temperature was 29.5 degrees in Khandwa and 29 degrees in Narsinghpur.

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