‘Chhadi Pade Chamachham, Vidya Aaye Dhamadham’: Why did the High Court cancel the FIR registered against the Principal and teachers saying this?


'chhadi pade chamachham, vidya aaye dhamadham': why did the high court cancel the fir registered against the principal and teachers saying this? - news2news. In

Gwalior. The single bench of the High Court, while quashing the Section 306 case against the principal and teachers of Vivekananda School, Tekanpur, said that ‘sticks have passed, Vidya has come with a bang… this kind of corporal punishment in schools and Gurukuls was the way to improve the child. . Teachers considered these methods as the only way to improve. Today, methods and many things have changed with time. The Juvenile Justice Act 2015 has banned corporal punishment. The family of the deceased child has suffered, but others cannot be punished in return for this suffering. The court acquitted the principal and teachers of all charges. Justice Anand Pathak has given this order.

Student bursts crackers in bathroom with friends
On November 4, 2022, a case was registered at Bilua police station against Vivekananda School Principal Virendra Singh, Vice Principal Shambhunath, teacher Shilpi Solanki for inducing a Class 12 student to commit suicide. All three were accused of harassing the student, due to which he committed suicide. In the High Court, the Principal, Vice Principal and teacher argued that the deceased student was quite mischievous. He brought firecrackers to school and burst them in the bathroom with his friends. Due to which the wall cracked.

Therefore the case is not worth pursuing
The teachers called the student and asked him to bring his parents, they would be made aware of the mischief he does in the school. Only this much was said to the student. CCTV footage was also presented. The court found that there was no such allegation against the petitioners which could make the students take steps like suicide. Therefore the case is not fit to proceed.

Not a single thing among the three is included in the case
The High Court said that abetment of suicide, conspiracy to induce a person to commit suicide, aiding suicide by any intentional act or omission. In this case, none of the three things are included. Therefore cannot be held responsible in the case. The word incitement has not been defined in the IPC. Direct and active participation is necessary to convict.

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