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Carpet bombing policy- Shivraj held four public meetings in Gujarat, wherever he went, people came in large numbers to listen to him

Bhopal. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh held 4 public meetings in Gujarat on Friday. He first participated in public meetings in Mandvi assembly and Abdasa in Kutch district. After this, in the districts of Marbi and Bhavnagar, came to the election campaign in Bhavnagar West. The specialty of his election campaign was that wherever he reached, the workers not only warmly welcomed him, but the common people attended public meetings in large numbers to listen to Shivraj.

Under the BJP’s umbrella, all the big leaders came together for the election campaign in the Gujarat elections on Friday. Due to the sudden election campaign of these leaders together, the entire atmosphere became BJP-like. Shivraj lashed out at the Congress in the public meeting held in the Mandvi assembly. He said that the Congress always insults the martyrs. This was taught in the Congress government, Nehru ji gave freedom to the country. Rahul Gandhi insulted Veer Savarkar a day ago. Those who were punished for two lives of black water, those who served the punishment of black water, looted everything for the country. You insult such an independent Veer Savarkar. The country will never forgive you.

I promise that whatever contribution will be made to the pride of Gujarat-

Chief Minister Chouhan said in Mandvi that today you have welcomed me by wearing the turban of Kutch. There is no greater respect in our country than a turban. I promise you that I will give whatever contribution I can to increase your honor and glory of Gujarat. He said that pomegranate and dragon fruit are famous here. Wherever the people of Kutch go, they dominate. Due to the efforts of Narendra Modi ji, the water of Narmada river has reached Kutch. I promise, Narendra Bhai took the water of Narmada to Kutch, I will not let there be any shortage of water in Mother Narmada. He said that Congressmen and people like Medha Patkar used to agitate for this water and used to abuse me that why are you giving our water to Gujarat?

Congress did the work of defaming Gujarat-

Chouhan said that in a public meeting in the Abdasa assembly, he said that the work of defaming Gujarat was done by the Congress. Congress had promised loan waiver in Madhya Pradesh as well. But within a year and a quarter the Congress MLA left him. He said that when employment was sought from the Congress government, Kamal Nath said that we will give training to the youth to herd cattle and make monkeys dance. These Congress people will show a lot of dreams. Kejriwal talks about honesty, one minister is in his jail and one is standing at the mouth of the jail.

Abuses Narendra Modi, insults his mother-

Shivraj said that Congressmen abuse Prime Minister Modi, insult his mother, it is an insult to the whole of Gujarat. Kejriwal has also come these days. He said that Modi ji is a fantasy tree, you will get whatever you ask for, Kejriwal is an acacia, Rahul Baba is a weed. Nowadays they are making promises of freebies, they have a government in Rajasthan. There is a government in Chhattisgarh, what has it given. Kamal Nath used to talk about training for cattle grazing in the name of employment, he only makes false promises. The condition of the Congress has become like this – thousands of pieces of heart, one fell here and one fell there. Now the fight is of number two between Congress and AAP, their competition is going on. Congress and AAP are chattebatte of the same plate, they just lie.

The double engine government in Gujarat created a new history.

CM Shivraj said that the double engine government in Gujarat has created a new history, I feel proud when I see Gujarat. The double engine government of Narendra Bhai and Bhupendra Bhai is working. Double engine government means double guarantee of development. Today, 1.70 crore poor people of Gujarat have open bank accounts, more than 10.50 lakh families have got pucca houses, 97% houses have got tap connections, 36 lakh women have got gas connections, 71 lakh families have 3 Crore 48 lakh people have got free ration. Under the Pradhan Mantri Arogya Yojana, more than one crore 48 lakh cards have been made. Development all around, Clean India, Startup India, Make in India, Prime Minister Modi has made the impossible possible.


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