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BJP will take action against its own leaders for this big reason

Bhopal.As the Vidhansabha elections in Madhya Pradesh are getting closer, the political activities are intensifying. In such a situation, now the parties are not in the intention of leaving any stone unturned. The sword of action is now hanging on the office bearers of the party who congratulated in the rumor on the social media about the change of the state president of BJP, who without knowing the truth, congratulated Union minister party office Prahlad Patel as the new state president on the rumours. given. The party has admitted that reacting to rumors like this in the cadre base party BJP comes under the purview of indiscipline. A list is being prepared of such people who are in responsible positions and are among those who wish to congratulate.

The rumor that Prahlad Patel’s name would be announced in place of State President VD Sharma went viral in the social media on Friday afternoon so fast that BJP leaders started congratulating Patel on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and Twitter. . After this, the party had to make it clear that the state president is VD Sharma, now when the organization has said about preparing a list for action against him, then the work of apologizing by saying that he hacked Facebook and Twitter is also being done. Is.

Among those who congratulated Patel without knowing the truth, the name of Guna’s former NAPA president and former MLA Rajendra Ja is also there. Saluja later clarified that his Facebook was hacked by someone. That’s why they accept. Similarly, former district president of Kisan Morcha of Niwari district, Rajesh Pateria also congratulated Patel. Pateria is also the MP representative of Union Minister Virendra Khatik these days. Telangana MLA T Raja Singh had also congratulated earlier, later deleted the post. Apart from this, there are names of thousands of people from Lodhi community and backward classes.

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