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BJP organization’s eye on MLAs who have won three times and crossed 60, may be deprived of ticket

Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh BJP is preparing to communicate soon with such MLAs, who can be a deal of losses for the party from the electoral point of view. There are some of them who have been MLAs for more than three times and their age has reached above 60 years. Apart from these, there will be some MLAs about whom the party does not have good feedback. If sources are to be believed, after the decree of Delhi, these MLAs will be announced two months before the elections that they do not have to contest the elections.

Discussion of running on Gujarat model

It is worth mentioning that after the meeting of BJP’s Delhi National Working Committee, there is a lot of discussion in Madhya Pradesh that here also BJP will go for state assembly elections on the basis of Gujarat model. Experts believe that the feedback available with the top leadership has a clear message that the state BJP will have to work hard to get power for the fifth time. So that the situation can be turned in favor of the party. This is the reason that the party is going to strictly implement the Gujarat formula in the state. If this happens, then the candidature of MLAs of three or more terms can be in danger. The party will soon hold a meeting with such MLAs and after reaching an agreement with them, they can even announce that they will not contest the elections. However, BJP can relax the rule for some such seats, where BJP has been winning continuously and the sitting MLAs there can win more strongly than the new face.

Tips were received in the executive meeting

If sources are to be believed, in the meeting of the National Working Committee of Delhi, a discussion was held regarding the Madhya Pradesh assembly elections. In which the top leadership has asked the state organization to do homework while giving some tips. The party has once again sought ground feedback from the state organization on three issues. In this, what is the attitude of the voters regarding the government. Secondly, what is the opinion of the public towards the ministers and how satisfied are the voters there with the regional MLA. It has been told that the party has already sought information on these three issues. Feedback has been sought once again, after the report of which a decision can be taken on implementing the Gujarat model in the state. The party believes that if the feedback comes from Madhya Pradesh this time also that BJP may face difficulty in forming the government for the fifth time, then the situation like anti-incumbency can be reduced by implementing the Gujarat model here. Sources say that if there is a possibility of displeasure of the leaders with this formula, to prevent it, the party has decided to hold a meeting with the MLAs coming to Criteria after the State Working Committee meeting, so that an agreement can be made with them. Could

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