Big incident in Guna: Shivlinga was uprooted by vandalism in Shiv temple, angry people blocked the road, Bamori market closed


Big incident in guna: shivlinga was uprooted by vandalism in shiv temple, angry people blocked the road, bamori market closed - news2news. In

Bhopal. Unidentified people vandalized the Shiva temple in Bamori of Guna district. The Shivalinga installed in the temple was also uprooted. Seeing the condition of the temple on Thursday morning, people came out on the road. Angry people have closed the market of Bamori and blocked the main intersection. Seeing the situation worsening, police force has been deployed on the spot. A case has been registered against unknown accused.

Police registered a case against 5-6 people
According to the information, the temple is in the outer area of ​​Bamori. This temple was damaged late in the night. People are demanding to trace the accused and demolish their houses. Police say that 5-6 people have carried out this incident. FIR has been registered against 5-6 unknown people in the case.

Shivalinga of temple uprooted
The Shivalinga of the temple was uprooted by unknown people. Police is searching.

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