Bhopal News: The play ‘Akeli Aurat’ decorated with solo acting was staged at Shaheed Bhawan.


Bhopal news: the play 'akeli aurat' decorated with solo acting was staged at shaheed bhawan. - news2news. In

Bhopal. The play ‘Akeli Aurat’ was staged at Shaheed Bhawan on Wednesday evening. This story was written by Hario and its Hindi translation was done by Himanshu Joshi. The story of this play, directed by Samriddhi Asati and decorated with solo acting, is based on a woman, in which despite being tied up in relationships, she is not in any relationship or it can be said that she is alone even after being in a crowd. Imprisoned in his own house, it does not mean that the house is not his, he is like a bird in a cage. Neither does anyone understand his feelings. In such a situation, the heroine is looking for a person with whom she can talk openly. Provide him mental and emotional support.

Lonely woman

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It is shown in the drama that the heroine never found love in her 35 years of life, in the name of love she got physical pleasures and torture. When he found love in life, it was snatched away from him and he was imprisoned between the four walls of his house and he started searching for his happiness in sadness. Suddenly one day she realizes that someone lives in front of her house, she becomes so eager to talk to him that she wants to narrate the events that have happened in her life. The play showed how an independent woman is considered a mere object of pleasure by the social elements and she remains a living corpse.

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