BHOPAL CRIME: Robbery planned with associates, busted within a few hours


BHOPAL CRIME: Robbery planned with associates, busted within a few hours

BHOPAL CRIME:Bhopal. Avadhpuri police station has achieved great success in the capital. Police have arrested 3 accused in a robbery incident in just 6 hours. This incident of robbery was carried out by the complainant in conspiracy with his co-accused.

The accused complainant and his two associates are now on the radar of the police for carrying out this incident. According to the police information, on 21.11.2023, the complainant Rahul Nayak, father Mansingh Nayak, 24 years, resident of slum near government school, Kanha Salaiya Bilkhiriya, Bhopal, appeared in the police station and told that he was in Nazakat Khan’s Ayser car no. MP. 04 Works as a driver on GA-4663.

this was the story

The accused complainant had told the police that on 18.11.23, the farmer had gone to Charai district Chhindwara after filling the pipe in the Aysar vehicle from Najakat Khan’s transport Kanha Saiya Bilkhiriya. There, 450 farmers dropped their pipes at Yash Traders and got Rs 1 lakh 97 thousand 100 from there. After this, after going from there, he reached Bangaon Chhindwara and unloaded 450 farmer pipes from the vehicle at Shiv Electronic shop. After getting Rs 1 lakh 95 thousand 900 from me, I was returning back to Bhopal in the Aysar vehicle when on 21.11.2023 at around 01.00 pm, when he reached village Jhagaria bypass road, two unknown persons riding on a motorcycle approached the Aysar vehicle. Coming forward, he stopped his car, hit the glass of the car with a stick and opened the gate of the car and came up.

The accused told that the accused hit him on his left wrist and right knee with a stick and snatched Rs 3 lakh 93 thousand and a keypad mobile and screen touch mobile of Jio Company without SIM kept in a white colored bag next to the driver’s seat. Both of them ran away on a black motorcycle. On the report of the complainant accused, the motorcycle was registered against unknown accused and taken up for investigation. Considering the seriousness of the case, under the guidance of senior officers, the Deputy Commissioner of Police and his team searched for the accused and arrested them immediately.

As per the guidance of senior officers and instructions given in the case, police station in-charge Inspector. Under the leadership of Roshanlal Bharti, a team was formed to search and trace the accused. On the investigation of the case by the formed team, on questioning the complainant Rahul Nayak in relation to the incident, on being suspected that the complainant was not giving correct facts and information, on questioning the complainant Rahul Nayak wisely in relation to the incident, the complainant Rahul Nayak himself And along with his fellow friends accused Abhishek Thakur and Sanjay Nayak (Bhopa), he admitted to carry out the robbery in a pre-planned manner.

The amount looted in the case, Rs 3 lakh 93 thousand, was recovered from the three accused as per the memorandum and the motorcycle used in the incident was seized and the three accused were arrested.

Details of the arrested accused:-

1. Rahul Nayak father Mansingh Nayak 24 years resident- slum near government school Kanha Saiya Bilkhiriya Bhopal.

2. Abhishek Thakur father Thansingh Thakur 21 years resident- slum near government school Kanha Saiya Bilkhiriya Bhopal.

3. Sanjay Nayak (Bhopa) Father Dharamsingh Nayak 20 years resident – Near Government School, next to CAPT Gate, Kanha Saiya Bilkhiriya Bhopal.

Appreciation and special role in the case:-

Police station in-charge Avadhpuri 1. Inspector arrested the said accused. Roshanlal Bharti 2. Uni. Sanjay Kumar Singh, 3.Suni. Saheblal Kumre, 4. Suni. Prem Singh Thakur, 5. Q.R.1309 Shailendra Mehra, 6. R. 41 Ravi Dangi, 7.R. 961 Vishnu Tomar, 8.R. 3716 Vipul Pandey and 9. M.R. 294 Rakhi Tomar’s role has been commendable.

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