Ashish’s tweet in the name of Leader of Opposition on


Ashish’s tweet in the name of Leader of Opposition on

Bhopal. A war has broken out on social media between BJP and Congress in Madhya Pradesh. Leaders of both the parties are making sharp attacks on each other on the issue. From the Congress side, PCC Chief Jitu Patwari and Leader of Opposition Umang Singhar are attacking the BJP. On behalf of BJP, media in-charge Ashish Aggarwal and state spokesperson Narendra Saluja are also giving a befitting reply to the Congressmen. Let’s start with the recent tweet on X.

Ashish Aggarwal:Part-2 of the series on defaming Madhya Pradesh with white lies begins…
BJP’s media in-charge Ashish Aggarwal wrote, Part-2 of the series of defaming Madhya Pradesh with white lies has been started. Ashish has written that Umang Singhar ji…. It seems that Congress has put the burden of telling lies and spreading confusion on your head. Yesterday your lies were exposed regarding Ladli Brahmin Yojana and today on spreading confusion about the e-Municipality portal. The way Prince Rahul Gandhi of 10 Janpath used to conspire to defame the country by going abroad. Kamal Nath ji used to call Madhya Pradesh infamous. It seems that taking inspiration from him, you too are taking his mission forward.

All data is safe in TAPE Library
Ashish Aggarwal further wrote, Umang Singhar ji, look at this truth and fact also. On December 21, 2023, information was received about an incident of cyber attack on the e-Municipality software operated for the online services of the department. As soon as the information was received, at 11 am, all the servers and operated networks of the department were shut down as a precautionary measure by the IT team deployed for hardware maintenance. The department had informed the cyber police about the incident only on December 21, 2023. A team of experts and cyber police are investigating the incident. As a backup, the department has the entire data saved in TAPE Library. Has also been downloaded from the district TAPE.

‘Umang Singhar ji, you should apologize for defaming MP’
Ashish Aggarwal again wrote that on the basis of this data the department has started 11 services smoothly. An amount of more than Rs 1 crore was received in a single day on January 9 from the building permit service alone. The remaining services will also be started soon. Ashish wrote that Umang Singhar ji, your efforts to defame the state by making fabricated and misleading statements are condemnable. You are requested to please present your views on facts in keeping with the dignity of the Leader of the Opposition. Your Tweet was again misleading. You should apologize for the malicious attempts to defame Madhya Pradesh.

Narendra Saluja: Shame on the lies of Congress
BJP spokesperson Narendra Saluja said, feel ashamed on the lies of Congress. Its leaders sometimes keep spreading lies about closure of Ladli Behna Yojana, sometimes about the amount not coming into the account on 10th and then retrenchment in the list. Congress should apologize to crores of sisters of the state for spreading the lie about the closure of this scheme and should thank the government of Chief Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav.

Umang Singhar: When the truth came out, why did the party resort to whitewashing?
Umang Singhar wrote on X on Thursday evening, it is surprising that the party has to answer for the shortcomings of the government scheme. ‘Laadli Brahmin’ is a scheme of the government and not of the party! When the truth came out, why did the party resort to whitewashing? The reasons for decrease in the number of beneficiary women were said to be death of women, voluntary relinquishment of benefits, composite Aadhaar D-link and completion of 60 years of age. Did new sisters not become eligible for this scheme in 4 months? Couldn’t new sisters be added to this plan? After all, you had to come up with some fallacy, so come up with this one! This is a juggling of numbers, nothing else! But, when the government has such a big department, then why did the trumpet department of the party come out in defense of the government? The party definitely has a government, but the government does not have a party. Truth cannot be hidden from falsehoods!

‘Madhya Pradesh government cannot protect the public’
Umang said that Madhya Pradesh government cannot protect the public. Public’s personal information has reached foreign hackers. Municipal data is still not completely secure. This is a matter of great concern. Earlier, Umang had written that to hide the scams and corruption in the government."Satpura Model" Is this the second edition of the e-Municipality portal? A case of hacking? As you all are aware that on December 21, alleged cyber criminals had hacked the data of e-Municipality portal in Madhya Pradesh and even after almost three weeks, the systems have not been able to function smoothly.

‘Data of 413 municipalities of the state was damaged’
Data of 413 municipalities of the entire state has been damaged due to cyber attack, only offline and backup data has been so-called saved. All the works like property, sewerage, water tax, marriage certificate, birth and death certificates are not yet fully back on track. Not only this, after e-Municipality, the data of National Health Mission is also being hacked. It is also coming to light that hackers are demanding crores of rupees in return for all this.

The portal was being operated from an 11 year old system
Umang said that a review of the cyber attack has found that there were serious flaws in the entire system, for example, the portal built at a cost of Rs 215 crore was being operated on an 11-year-old system. Besides, the Urban Administration Department also showed serious negligence in digitalizing the data of more than 50 lakh properties. The backup data of the e-Municipality portal which was hacked was also loaded on the server of the same. This was an unforgivable violation of disaster management protocol. It also came to light that the department had not even got its portal re-audited.

Jeetu Patwari: We will not tolerate betrayal of our sisters
PCC Chief Jitu Patwari had written on X on January 10 that BJP had promised our dear sisters to give them Rs 3000 every month after the elections, then why only Rs 1200 on 10th? We will not tolerate this deception with our sisters.

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