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Arrest of 14 accused including IFS Satyanand will take 6 more months, Department of Horticulture did not submit documents to Lokayukta

Bhopal. The investigation of the investigating agencies against the officers of the government department is going on at a very slow pace. Recently, an FIR was registered against 14 accused including IFS Satyanand. Three months have passed but no arrest has been made. The Lokayukta has also asked for the documents from the Horticulture Department but the department has not given the records. Lokayukta has sent reminder for the documents. At present, it will take another 6 months to arrest the corrupt.

Officials of the Ujjain Lokayukta told that the statements of the accused would be taken after examining the documents. Whatever documents were taken on behalf of the complainant in this case. Apart from this, the government papers are yet to be matched with the Horticulture Department. In fact, a complaint was made to the Lokayukta by Mukesh Patidar resident Mandsaur. In this, Manish Chauhan, Deputy Director Horticulture and others, posted in Horticulture Department, Mandsaur, complained about corruption by working against the rules in the National Agricultural Development Scheme, Mechanization Scheme and Protected Farming Scheme operated in Mandsaur district.

In the investigation of the Lokayukta, irregularities were found in the schemes run in the department and state schemes, Integrated Horticulture Mission Scheme Mechanization, Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, National Agricultural Development Scheme, National Pharmaceutical Mission. Investigation revealed that in comparison to Mandsaur district, excessive amount was sanctioned in the schemes. In this, Deputy Director Manish Chauhan disobeyed the rules of the state government in the centrally funded scheme and directly colluded with the equipment provider company and transferred the amount to his account. Not only this, the selection of the beneficiary was also done arbitrarily and more than one member of the same family was provided with the instruments.

Case registered after 5 years of investigation

Lokayukta Police Lokayukta had registered a case of corruption in government schemes against 15 officers including Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Satyanand and a private firm in the mechanization scam of Horticulture Department. The Lokayukta organization was probing the matter for five years. In this, there are allegations of arbitrarily giving benefits of the scheme to ineligible people and paying grant amount to distribution companies in an illegal manner.

The Lokayukta is probing the matter. A letter was written to Mandsaur Horticulture Department regarding the documents. Still not given to Lokayukta. In such a situation, it will take a long time to arrest the accused. – Sunil Talan, DSP, Lokayukta Ujjain

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