Aman won the mind: Idea came after watching ‘Robot Movie’, made robot from garbage and junk, also made automatic gun for army


Aman won the mind: idea came after watching 'robot movie', made robot from garbage and junk, also made automatic gun for army - news2news. In

Bhopal. When I saw ‘Robot Movie’, I got the idea of ​​making a robot. I started dreaming day and night about how to make a robot. Then the young man searched on Google and learned the method of making a robot. After this, garbage and junk items were collected. Made the structure of the robot from wood and cardboard. After this, he took some tips from the director of a robot manufacturing company in Mumbai. The young man, who was working with full dedication and determination to realize his dream, finally got success in making a robot. A 20 year old youth has prepared a mobile operated robot. The name of this young man is Aman Kalra. Aman lives in Baswa village of Khargone district of Madhya Pradesh. Father works at a dhaba. The house runs only on father’s earnings. Aman, who was struggling with poverty, made his dream come true.

Automatic fire gun made for soldiers
The insistence of Aman, who had completed education till eighth standard, was not fulfilled here. After this, Aman has also made automatic fire guns for army soldiers. This fire gun has an ultrasonic sensor, whenever someone comes in front of this gun, the gun will fire in a few seconds. Similarly, smart glasses have also been made for blind people. The glasses have a sensor which alerts the wearer with a beeping sound.

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