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155 crore case related to foreign funding, Mumbai businessman also involved in the charge, CBI raids

Foreign funding case of 155 crores.

Foreign funding case of 155 crores.

In the case of foreign funding, the CBI has made a big disclosure in the investigation. In the case of foreign funding of 155 crores, to buy nickel (metal) from Hong Kong, it has been transferred to banks by giving fake bills. Two Hong Kong companies sent 76, 99 thousand dollars to the account of Mumbai businessman. After which the Mumbai company deposited fake bills, documents of import duty in the bank and withdrew the funds in Indian currency.

Then foreign funding was money trailed through society companies. While investigating in this case, the CBI has also made 18 people from Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai and Gujarat accused. The CBI had also recovered Rs 94 lakh in cash while conducting raids in Bhopal and Mumbai last days. Sources said that the GM of Bank of Baroda complained to the CBI that Color Trading Company had opened a current account. After this, Rudra Pratap Singh, the owner of the company, informed the bank to call other goods other than lamps and nickel from abroad. Giving information, the bank said that Color Trading Company took 76 lakh 99 thousand dollars from 34 accounts. After this the Mumbai based company submitted fake documents that they had made the purchase. The role of the staff of the bank has also been found in this matter. The CBI is currently looking for staff to verify the documents. The CBI has found in the investigation that transactions have been done with Elite Star International Trading Company and Honey Wealth Hong Kong Limited. Especially the nickel bills have been manipulated. At present, the CBI is interrogating the arrested accused.

Bank defrauded of 49 crores

In this case, the bank has also been defrauded of crores of rupees. Bank of Baroda has said that Color Trading Company has defrauded Rs 49 crore. Banking expert says that there is no rule for direct import. For this, the Ministry of External Affairs also gets information. In this case, funds were transferred directly from Hong Kong companies. The importing company also deposited fake bills and passes in the bank. Apart from this, RTGS has been done in many other accounts. In this case, the CBI has registered three separate FIRs. Apart from this, the account in which the funds have been transferred. A notice has also been issued against him.

FIR on companies and businessmen as well

Those named as accused in the three different cases are Mohd Farooq Mohd Haneef Shaikh, Ghulam Nabi Abdul Kader Qureshi, Mohd Ghaus Abdul Hameed Qureshi, Mohd Ghaus Mohd Hanif Sheikh, Shoaib Mohd Yasin Ansari, Ravindra Ratnakar, Sahil alias of Mumbai. Mohammad Hussain Mohammad Hanif Sheikh, Raja Abbas Motiwala, Jamil Atiullah Sheikh, Sameer alias Ashwak Ibrahim Qureshi, Wasim, Deepak Divakaran Nayak, Jitesh Harish Kumar Jotani and Khetmal Sampatraj Jain, Thane’s Nikhil Naresh Raut, Vinod Saraiya and Neeraj Rajkumar Singh. Sohail Ansari’s address is unknown. On the other hand, the societies against which these cases have been made are from Ahmednagar Maharashtra. These include Dhaneshwari Multi State Cooperative Society, Renuka Mata Multistate Cooperative Society, Mangaldeep Multi State Cooperative Society.

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