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Increasing havoc of H3N2 influenza virus, entry in Jharkhand as well, know its symptoms

H3N2 influenza virus.

H3N2 influenza virus.

The cases of H3N2 influenza virus are continuously increasing across the country. An alert has also been issued in many states regarding this. On the other hand, till February 28, a total of 955 H1N1 cases have been reported across the country in its other variants. Most of the H1N1 cases have been reported from Tamil Nadu at 545, Maharashtra at 170, Gujarat at 74, Kerala at 42 and Punjab at 28.

Along with this, in view of its increasing cases in Tamil Nadu, even schools have been closed for a few days. At the same time, two cases of H3N2 have been registered in Jharkhand on Sunday. Health Department officials said that out of two patients found of this virus, one is female and one is male. The age of a woman infected with H3N2 influenza virus is 68 years.

He told that the woman was admitted to Tata Main Hospital in Jamshedpur on Thursday. At the time the woman was admitted, symptoms of cold and fever were visible. Please tell that the H3N2 report of the woman came positive on Saturday, after which she has been kept in the isolation ward. This has been confirmed by Dr. Jujhar Manjhi, civil surgeon of East Singhbhum district.

According to media reports, the second case has come to light from Rana Hospital in Ranchi. Giving more information in this matter, Dr. Rajesh Singh said that symptoms of influenza virus H3N2 have been found in a 4-year-old child on Saturday. Dr. Rajesh Singh said that at the time the child was admitted, symptoms of pneumonia were visible in the child.

Typical symptoms of H3N2 influenza

Chills, Cough, Fever, Nausea, Vomiting, Sore throat/Sore throat, Muscle and body aches, Diarrhea, Sneezing and runny nose

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