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Year-old demand is met: Chumming in Chandigarh regarding Jind’s canal drinking water project

MLA dr Krishna Middha meets with ACS Apoorva Kumar in Chandigarh.

MLA dr Krishna Middha meets with ACS Apoorva Kumar in Chandigarh.

BJP MLA Dr. Krishna Middha held a marathon meeting with ACS Apoorva Kumar from the Public Health Department in Chandigarh on Jind’s most important and very important canal drinking water project. In this conversation, which lasted about a quarter of an hour, the MLA spoke of completing the project as soon as possible. High-ranking officials from the health department were present at this meeting. It was informed by the officials present that 40 acres of land in the village of Barodi have currently been purchased for a canal water project and an additional 10 acres of land are required. A project of 10 acres of land in this regard will be announced soon and action will be taken. In addition, property acquisitions will soon be advertised.

At the meeting, the MLA spoke about the preparation of the estimate for the cluster project for the villages of Amarhedi, Ahirka, Jhanj Kalan and Jhanj Khurd of Jind constituency. On the other hand, he stressed the need for a super suction machine to smooth out Jind city’s sewage system. At the meeting, the MLA made it clear that Chief Minister Manohar Lal had given him full assurances regarding the canal drinking water program that the city of Jind would be supplied with water from a canal-based water house under all circumstances. There was a great need for a canal-based drinking water system for Jind. He is in constant contact with the government and officials to put an end to this plan.

It should be noted that 40 acres of land have been purchased in Baraudi village to complete Jind city drinking water project. Ten more acres of land were required to complete this project. The MLA met with Apoorva Kumar, ACS, Public Health Department in Chandigarh on Wednesday to finalize this program soon and discussed the imminent completion of this program. MLA dr Krishna Middha said that this program has been implemented and the people of Jind will get clean drinking water based on canal water in the coming period. That was the age-old demand of the people of Jind. His Self The Dreams Father Dr. Harichand Middha had for the development of Jind will be realized and the voice for the fundamental institutions of Jind will be raised at all levels.

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