Yamunanagar: The administration’s focus was on better cleanliness results


Yamunanagar: The administration’s focus was on better cleanliness results

Waste disposal is carried out at the waste disposal plant set up in Yamunanagar.

Waste disposal is carried out at the waste disposal plant set up in Yamunanagar.

Yamunanagar: Twin City’s Swachh Survekshan (Yamunanagar-Jagadhri) was completed in four phases. With the completion of the Swachh Survekshan, the city government is now waiting for better results. Management expects results in the last week of September.

This time 9500 points were set for the clean survey. While last year the survey scores were set at 7500. Separate grades were set for service level progress, citizen feedback and certification in the survey. Service level progress is set at 4,525 points, citizen feedback at 2,425 and certification at 2,500 points. For the first time, the group management expects a better ranking this time due to the regulation of waste management.

hope for better results

According to the city government, waste disposal from 22 districts of the city government was expected to start last year. While this wasn’t the case last year. Waste from Station Nos. 1 to 11 was disposed of in Cal and waste from Station Nos. 12 to 22 was disposed of in Aurangabad. The administrative tasks at both locations were transferred to different agencies. With regard to the management system, an improvement in the ranking can be expected this time, since waste management is the main basis of the survey.

That’s how the survey came about

During Swachh Survekshan, the city’s cleanliness system was reviewed in the first phase. The condition of cleaning drains was also taken into account. In the second phase, the opinions of the seniors were collected. He was asked what cleanliness system exists in the city. The trash may or may not be picked up regularly. In the third phase, the arrangement of MRF and STP was checked. In the fourth phase, the entire system was checked. The clean investigation was then completed.

A good survey ranking may be affected

Some deficiencies may affect the better ranking of Swachh Survekshan in Twin City. The public toilets built in the city three years ago have fallen into disrepair due to lack of maintenance. Somewhere the doors are broken and somewhere there is no water system. The city administration had built 270 toilets in 22 districts. Rs 70,000 was spent on a toilet. The number of toilets where there is currently no water connection is no less. The ones listed are also in poor condition. The toilets in the community-owned villages in particular are in poor condition. In some places, sewage flows into the toilets all day long, and in some places the water has not arrived to this day. At the same time, these toilets are closed in many other areas including Saharanpur Marg, Gandhinagar, Gymkhana Marg, National Highway, Mandebari, District 12 and 13 of the city. Which can affect the good ranking.

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