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Yamunanagar: Property ID errors are removed without objection

Mayor Madan Chauhan provides information at the Yamunanagar corporate office.

Mayor Madan Chauhan provides information at the Yamunanagar corporate office.

News2News.in News. Yamunanagar. In order to eliminate the deficiencies in the property card, a three-day property card correction camp will be organized at the municipal office starting Friday. In this warehouse, the deficiencies in the owner’s title card are corrected without complaint.

Municipality Mayor Madan Chauhan said these shortcomings needed to be addressed sooner by objecting. The property owner had to wait 20 to 40 days for this. With the camp, however, the deficiencies of the ownership certificate are also eliminated without objection. He said that a survey of the property in the city area was conducted by Yashi Consultancy Agency some time ago. After the survey was conducted, many residents were found to have deficiencies in their property documents. In someone’s property card, when another person was made the owner, the size of another person’s property was less displayed. On some ID cards the name was wrong and on some the cell phone number was wrong. For many, the property size has been enlarged or reduced. In order to rectify such defects, the property owner must have the complaints rectified. It takes 21 to 40 days. In order to relieve the city dwellers, it was decided to set up a special warehouse at the company headquarters. This camp will be organized on January 27th, 28th and 29th at the Municipal Office.

Mayor Madan Chauhan has appealed to city residents to use the camp and have any errors in their property identification corrected.

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