Weather: Narnaul was the coldest in Haryana NCR Delhi, the night temperature reached 6 degrees Celsius.


Weather: Narnaul was the coldest in Haryana NCR Delhi, the night temperature reached 6 degrees Celsius.

Haryana: Haryana constantly witnesses the harsh cold. Night temperatures drop due to fog, cold day and cold winds. Overnight temperatures remained in the single digits across the region. At the same time, the cold wave has started with its severe intensity, which is why the common people are shivering due to the severe cold. Narnaul night, on the other hand, was the coldest in the entire Haryana NCR Delhi. The night temperature here was 6 degrees Celsius, which is 1.4 degrees Celsius more than the normal temperature.

A cyclone forms due to an active western disturbance

Due to the activation of a weak western disturbance, an induced cyclonic circulation is currently forming over eastern Rajasthan, northern Madhya Pradesh and southern Uttar Pradesh. This weather system brought sporadic drizzle over Haryana NCR Delhi only in the northeastern parts of Hodal, Mewat and Palwal districts, while fog density has increased again in the southern districts due to continuous increase in moisture content. This caused the nebula to show its color in the upper and lower levels of the atmosphere.

Dew drops with fog

On Tuesday morning there was thick fog and snow showers across the entire area. As a result, open spaces, roads, fields, barns and house roofs were found wet in the morning. The dewdrops also made the clothes of the common people wet. Dewdrops fell like a shower on the faces of passers-by. Cyclists also had to contend with dew drops. On Tuesday, night temperatures between 6.0 and 9.0 degrees Celsius were recorded at most places in Haryana NCR Delhi, while Narnaul night was the coldest across Haryana NCR Delhi. Cold days prevailed across the state and some places experienced severe cold days.

Icy northerly winds are blowing again

The meteorologist Dr. Chandramohan said there was not much difference between day and night temperatures in Narnaul and Mahendragarh on Tuesday. This forced the common people to shiver in the biting cold. This weak western disturbance will continue into Wednesday. As a result, northerly winds will again blow in the state. For this reason, there is no improvement in sight from the severe cold in the coming days. Due to the abundant moisture throughout the area, fog, cold day and cold net will continue to have their fierce effect.

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