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UPSC Result: Ankit Nain from Kharanti achieved 99th place in the UPSC

Ankit Nain and Manish

Ankit Nain and Manish

Jind: Ankit Nain, a resident of the Kharanti village of Julana Block, secured 99th place in the UPSC. There is a happy atmosphere in the village after Ankit Nain achieved 99th place in the UPSC.

Ankit’s brother Rahul said that Ankit learned wisely from the start. He took his exam in 10th grade at Julana’s own school and in 11th and 12th grade at Hisar’s school. Six months ago, Ankit was selected for the post of Deputy City Commissioner in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh, after which Ankit took a leave of absence to prepare for UPSC. It is reported that Ankit Nain had previously passed the UPSC exam, but he was appointed as a block development and panchayat officer. He did not like this post and started preparing for UPSC again. Ankit’s dream was to become an Assistant Commissioner and from the very beginning he was preparing for UPSC while at the same time harboring a dream of becoming an Assistant Commissioner in order to get a chance to serve the people. Now he has success with 99th place.

Thanedars Chhare finished 283rd in the UPSC

Such was the passion to pass the UPSC that luck helped with the third chance and achieved 283rd place in the UPSC exam. There was no leader in the family. Set your mind on target and touch the sky. A similar thing happened to Manish Sharma, a resident of Shamdain village. Who was appointed Deputy Commander of CISF Hyderabad about two weeks ago. There is an atmosphere of celebration among the villagers over Manish’s achievement.

Manish’s father, Somdutt Sharma, is sub-inspector number 112 at the Kaithal City Police Station. He has been living in Kaithal for two decades and is building a house. Manish has been at the forefront of studies from the start. He completed his education up to the 12th grade in Kaithal. He then completed his B.Sc. Ornes at Ramjas College, Delhi. Manish wanted to do BA. Given the family circumstances, he prepared himself for science. Manish stayed in the interview on the second try. The exam was taken for the third time. Meanwhile, Manish took the CRPF exam, where he placed 12th. Given the circumstances, he joined the CISF on April 29 as Deputy Commander. Now the UPSC result is available, in which he finished 283rd.

Dream come true inspired by IPS brother, finished 96th

Kaithal: Dipyanshi Singla, daughter of Sargodha Colony, fulfilled her childhood dream by securing 96th place in the UPSC. Divyanshi completed her 12th standard at OSDAV Public School in Kaithal. After that she went to Delhi for her further studies. Divyanshi Singla’s father Vedprakash said that as soon as the result of Divyanshi Singla’s investigation became known on Tuesday, there was an influx of people to congratulate him. His daughter Divyanshi Singla had a dream of becoming an IAS officer since she was a child. Divyanshi was completely influenced by her cousin Varun Singla who is an IPS officer in Nuh and followed her brother’s instructions to prepare under his tutelage and achieve her dream.

Kanika goyal, divyanshi singla and hardeep rapadia

Kanika Goyal, Divyanshi Singla and Hardeep Rapadia

Hardeep Rapadia from Guliana Village became an IAS officer and achieved the 661st rank

Following in the footsteps of Kanika Goyal and Divyanshi Singla, Hardeep Rapadia, son of Guliana village Kaithal, has also brought laurels to his parents and village by securing rank 661 in UPSAC. Hardeep Rapadia’s father, Kapoor Singh, is a teacher and has lived in Kurukshetra for five years. Hardeep Rapadia completed his 10th standard at Panchkula and his 12th standard at Chandigarh. He then completed his B.Tech degree in Delhi and turned to UPSC from there. On Rapadiya’s election, there is an influx of people congratulating family members living in his village.

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