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UPSC Result: Abhinav Siwach ranked 12th in the UPSC exam nationally. Do you know how he became successful?

Abhinav Siwach, who placed 12th in the UPSC, with his parents.

Abhinav Siwach, who placed 12th in the UPSC, with his parents.

Fatehabad: The result, announced by the Union Public Service Commission, caused a wave of joy in Fatehabad district. Abhinav Siwach, originally a resident of Gorakhpur village in the district, performed excellently and secured 12th place in the exam. Abhinav Siwach achieved this success in the third UPSC attempt. Abhinav Siwach is currently working as an SDM in Delhi. Previously, Naib Tehsildar was also in Tohana. His family currently resides in Hisar and Gurugram. His father Satbir Siwach is currently Deputy Excise and Tax Commissioner in Gurugram.

Fatehabad’s famous surgeon Dr. Virendra Siwach was delighted with Abhinav’s wonderful achievement. He said Abhinav’s achievement brought laurels not only to Fatehabad district but also to the state. According to the family, Abhinav Siwach joined a multinational company in Kolkata in 2018 after graduating from B.Tech and MBA. From here he started his career. He was a consultant in the company and received an annual package of 35,000 rupees in the company. He left this job 3-4 years ago to prepare for UPAC. Abhinav Siwach also passed the HPSC exam. He passed the HPSC and became Naib Tehsildar. His post was with Tohana in his home district of Fatehabad but he was determined to become IAS. Again they began to prepare. Then he passed the exam in the state of Delhi and became an SDM there. After that, he continued his preparation for UPSC. Now he has secured 12th place.

The family gave many officers, Dr. Siwax nephews

Please inform that Abhinav Siwach’s family has provided many officials. His father Satbir Siwach is DETC. He is currently stationed in Gurugram. In his relatives, Uncle Lalit Siwach currently lives in Sonipat. His cousin Nidhi Siwach is in the judicial service in Faridabad. Abhinav Siwach himself is Delhi SDM. Abhinav is the nephew of renowned surgeon Dr. Virendra Siwach from Fatehabad. Abhinav Siwach has passed the UPSC exam for the second time.

Became IAS through inspiration from his father

Abhinav Siwach said he was inspired by his father Satbir Siwach, Deputy Commissioner for Consumption and Taxation. Saw him work as an officer. After that, the idea of ​​becoming IAS came up. I’ve started the preparations. When Naib became Tehsildar he continued his studies even after that. After serving during the day, he continued studying at night. He said he studied 7 to 8 hours a day to prepare for UPSC. Besides Tohana in Fatehabad district, Abhinav has also served in Hisar as Naib Tehsildar. Abhinav states that he is trying to contribute to the country’s progress while serving the public.

I didn’t believe myself that I would finish 12th

Abhinav said he prepared for the exam during his time as an SDM. He himself did not believe that he would reach this rank. He was often frustrated because he got tired at work. The ghost didn’t want to prepare, but with parental motivation, it would have sat back down to prepare. It was decided that I now have to become IAS. When the result came out this morning, I couldn’t believe I’d achieved this rank. Tears of happiness welled up in the parents’ eyes.

Haryana squad received priority: Abhinav

Abhinav Siwach said that because of the good rank, there is a chance to get a Haryana squad this time. Her top priority is also the Haryana cadre. Abhinav said that even during the SDM assignment, my priority was to get people’s work done as quickly as possible. Even after his appointment as IAS, his goal will be to ensure that the work of the complainant is done as a matter of priority.

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