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Two convicts who had been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a married woman, the court declared the accused husband absconded

Sonipat court.

Sonipat court.

News2News.in News. Sonipat: The court found the man’s friends guilty, who are accused of killing the married woman and mutilating the body in the area of ​​the city police station. Judge Shailendra Singh of the Court of Additional District and Sessions sentenced two of the man’s friends to life imprisonment. The court sentenced the perpetrators to a fine of 55-55 thousand rupees. In the event of late payment, he must reckon with an additional prison sentence of 21 months. The woman’s husband, the main suspect in the case, fled.

On July 20, 2018, Ravi Rana, a resident of Dev Colony Rohtak, filed a complaint at City Police Station Sonipat regarding the suspicious disappearance of his daughter Suraksha, 31. At the time of the Ahulana incident, Rajeev, originally the husband of the security forces, a Housing Board Colony resident, Sonepat, and others had accused him of holding him hostage. Ravi Rana had claimed that his daughter Suraksha married Rajeev for love. He used to extort money from his daughter. Also used to torture continuously. His daughter informed him about it. After that she had come to her maternal home. After coming to his maternal home, Rajeev took him away after apologizing. Then his daughter told him that he had extorted money from her.

Later, on July 13, 2018, his daughter Suraksha suddenly went missing. He found out about it on July 14, 2018. A case was later filed. On August 27, 2018, Ravi Rana complained before then-minister OP Dhankhar’s Complaints Committee meeting in Rohtak when there was no reference to the daughter. The investigation of the case was turned over to the CIA after the then minister spoke to SP Sonipat. On September 14, 2018, then-CIA-ASI team arrested Ramesh Khatri Deepak, a resident of Mahlana village, and Sumit, a resident of Gohana’s Gautam Nagar, Rajeev’s companion. Both had confessed, along with Rajiv, to killing the security service and burying the body in a large industrial area. The remains of the body were recovered at his instigation.

In the presence of then-SDM Gannaur Surendra Pal, the police, with the help of JCB, excavated the remains of the body by digging a pit. The accused went to prison. Rajeev, the defendant in the case, is still on the run. While hearing the case, the ASJ court sentenced Shailendra Singh Deepak and Sumit. On Monday both convicts were sentenced to life imprisonment and Rs 25,000 fine for murder, seven years imprisonment and Rs 15,000 fine for conspiracy and three years imprisonment and Rs 15,000 fine for dismembering the body. All sets are executed simultaneously.

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