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Tragic accident at Jamalpur railway station, young man died from high voltage power lines

fate habad. A painful accident happened late Monday evening at the railway station in the village of Jamalpur Shekha, Tohana. Here a person climbed onto the freight train and fell into the grip of the platform’s electrical wiring and died an agonizing by fire. There the young man suffered for a long time and later died. After this incident, there was a commotion at the station and a large crowd gathered there. The deceased was identified as 50-year-old Bakshi, a resident of Jamalpur village. As soon as the incident was reported, the GRP were there and took the body of the deceased into custody.

According to the information received, as soon as the Hisar-Ludhiana train reached the Jamalpur village railway station late Monday evening, the freight train stood there. Said person got out of the passenger car and got on the freight train and went to the other side. Meanwhile, he burned himself from the grip of high-tension wires and fell down the lines.

After a loud in this incident, nearby shopkeepers in the railroad colony reached the site, at that time the person’s clothes were on fire, which the people immediately put out. Said young man suffered there for a long time and later died.

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