The Sonipat court complex echoed with the sound of bullets, bullets being fired one after the other


The Sonipat court complex echoed with the sound of bullets, bullets being fired one after the other

Lawyers and others gathered at the courthouse after the incident.Lawyers and others gathered at the courthouse after the incident.

Sonipat: The sound of bullets being fired one after another shook the court premises in the city police station area. Due to the shooting, people standing outside the complex’s chamber began running back and forth. As soon as information was received regarding the matter, DCP Anshu Singla reached the spot with police. The victim’s lawyer has filed a complaint with the court police station against a lawyer from the district bar association and his employees. The victim blamed the lawyers and others for committing the crime, as well as the relevant police station including the relevant outpost.

The victim’s lawyer said that on Saturday the lawyer used caste-related language and threatened the lawyer. On Saturday around 10 a.m., the defendant continued to roam the court grounds with his companions. They repeatedly threatened that they knew the responsible district post and the responsible city police station. In this context, he came to the courthouse from D-Block on Monday. During this time, the lawyer opened fire in the court. His relatives also started shooting. The same ten to twelve youths chased him with sharp weapons, including razors. He has filed a complaint against the relevant judicial authority and the relevant city police authority. Police officers met with the defendant. The victim stated that a false case was initiated against him and his partner in which he appeared as a witness. Due to the same rivalry, bullets were fired in the courthouse. About six to seven bullets were fired and the police abandoned those who fired the bullets. Weapons were stolen in front of B Block and C Block in the courthouse. The video of the case is going viral on social media.

DCP Anshu Singla said information about the release has been received at the court premises. He reached the place with the team. There is a certain rivalry between the lawyers. If evidence is found, appropriate action will be taken. Wil be inspected. There is information that one or two people were shot and they are being questioned at the hospital. How many bullets were fired will only be revealed after the investigation. Some complaints have been received. Action will only be taken after an investigation.

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