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The pickup driver had to ask the alcohol-drinking youngsters for permission, the contract was set on fire, and the house was also attacked

vandalism in the house.

vandalism in the house.

Mahendragarh:It became costly for the pickup driver to ask the youths who were drinking alcohol while sitting on the river bridge in Derali Jat village. The youths, who were drinking alcohol, dropped the pickup truck along with the driver from their RV under the bridge. After that, the youths reached the driver’s house and attacked the family members. It is alleged that some time after this incident, the seller of the victim’s contract was beaten up in the village itself and the contract set on fire. Police have registered one case against 18 names and 10 others in this case under Section 25 of the Firearms Act, Section of the IPC.

In the police report, Krishna Kumar from Deroli Jat said there was a marriage scheme in the neighborhood on January 16. So he was at home with his family. Vikas, who works in the house, had left the house with his pickup for some work. Some youths sat on the bridge of the river and drank alcohol putting the RV on the path. When Vikas asked the alcohol-drinking youths for a parking space for the vehicle, they and the driver rammed the vehicle into the river after hitting their camper van. After that, the youths attacked Vikas with sticks. Somehow, Vikas got out of the car and ran to the house.

The youth also shot in the air. Vikas somehow got to our house, but all the youngsters came home in a camper van. The youths began smashing the glasses of their house with sticks. After that, the youths broke down the main gate of the house by hitting their RV and also completely damaged it by hitting the bicycle parked near the gate. After that, the accused youth entered the house and started fighting with the workers working in the house together with the family. They fled from there under the threat of killing the accused family.

The complainant alleged that after some time these people went to our liquor store set up in the village, attacked the seller and set him on fire. The fire truck came and put out the fire. Because of this, the treaty was burned to ashes. Mahendragarh. The treaty was lit by villains.

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