The Marketing Board will now have its own timber market in Yamunanagar, the hassle of rent will come to an end.


The Marketing Board will now have its own timber market in Yamunanagar, the hassle of rent will come to an end.

Yamunanagar news: The Marketing Board will now have its own market for buying and selling of Safeda and Poplars from Yamunanagar, Haryana. Plans have been made to acquire 37 hectares of land in Dusani village for the Marketing Board market. However, this market is currently leased out in an area of ​​11 acres with the lease amount being Rs 90,000 per acre. There are 626 commission agents in this district. This further increases business.

Revenues for the state will also increase. Till now, Lakkar Mandi is functioning in Mandoli village, which is spread over an area of ​​about 11 hectares. The market started here in 2016-17. At the same time, now that the Marketing Board has its own market, the commission agents and the department will reap enormous benefits.

Business people will benefit from this

Currently, Lakkar Mandi is built on an 11-acre land in Mandoli village on lease from the Marketing Board. The rental amount per acre is Rs 90,000. An amount of around Rs 10 crore is paid annually for this. This amount is left over after you purchase your own land. Secondly, these days the market is held outdoors and there are around 400 stalls. Per stall charges 1250 rupees per month but there is still lack of facilities here. There is a plan to set up permanent stores by the Marketing Board after the company has its own property. In addition, other basic facilities are also available to the market agents and farmers.

Traffic on the street is disrupted

There are also common complaints about buying and selling timber on the street. Market Committee officials also conduct inspections from time to time, but these activities are not stopped. The market committee loses money by buying and selling wood on the street. In addition, the wagons loaded with wood standing on the road also affect the freedom of movement of the population, causing inconvenience to people for a long time.

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This business has been around for many years

The plywood board business began in the district in 1980. Currently, the board has 1,970 licenses for press, chipper, pulp and sawmill machinery. There are 625 lakh rupee commission agents in Jagadhri and Yamunanagar. Of these, around 400 licenses come from Yamunanagar. These commission agents do their buying and selling only in Lakkar Mandi. More than two thousand people are associated with this business. Talking about safeda and poplar, timber comes to the market from many districts of the state including Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and other states.

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