The infamous Rajkumar aka Shyamu was arrested by the NSA and knows how dangerous the National Security Act is


The infamous Rajkumar aka Shyamu was arrested by the NSA and knows how dangerous the National Security Act is

Arrest of Rajkumar by NSA: The Rohtak Police in Haryana on Thursday arrested notorious criminal Rajkumar alias Shyamu under the National Security Act 1980 (NSA). This is the first arrest in Haryana when a notorious criminal has been arrested under the National Security Act. Previously, the NSA was only used against terrorists. We tell you that 12 cases have been registered against accused Rajkumar alias Shyamu since 2011, including murder, attempt to murder and gang rape. Rajkumar alias Shyamu was arrested under Section (3)2 of NSA 1980 and sent to Rohtak Jail.

There are 12 cases registered against Rajkumar in various cases.

According to media reports, while briefing on the case, Rohtak SP Himanshu Garg said that the accused Rajkumar alias Shyamu is a resident of Khidwali village. On April 10, 2011, the defendant and his accomplices physically attacked the young person. His case is registered at the police station. In the same year, Rajkumar killed a young man along with five youths. After that, shots were fired at a young man in 2016. In 2017, a case of extortion was registered. In 2018 there was a fight with the employees at the toll booth in which they were physically attacked and the toll was not paid. His case is registered at Sadar police station.

The accused also committed gang rape.

Furthermore, the accused along with his associates committed the crime of gang rape in Jhajjar. His case is registered against the accused at Mahila police station, Jhajjar. In 2020, a case of threatening behavior was registered against the accused. In 2021, a property possession case was registered in Gohana. He was arrested under Section 283 and the Arms Act. July 2021 A case of threatening a real estate dealer has been registered at IMT Rohtak police station. In 2022, a case was registered for threatening a young man and his employees. The defendant, along with 13/14 of his employees, threatened the young person with gun violence.

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Share photo with gun on social media

SP said that the accused was continuously committing criminal incidents. He also brings other young people into the world of crime. The accused shares his photo with weapons on social media to spread terror. Even after his release on bail, he continued to be involved in criminal activities. Such a villain became a threat to the state. The SP further said that given the current situation, measures have been taken for the first time under the NSA.

What is the National Security Law?

Let us tell you that the National Security Act (NSA) is a law in which there is a provision that any person who poses a particular threat to the country can be arrested. This law was passed in 1980 with the aim of giving the government more power to ensure the country’s security. This law gives the government the power to arrest someone if it considers that there is a need to arrest them in the national interest. There is the right to arrest any suspicious person within the limits of the law. According to the NSA, the suspect can be detained without bail for three months, and the period of detention can also be extended. Otherwise, no arrest charge is required and the duration of detention can be extended to up to 12 months.

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