The farmers got the support of Jatta Sangharsh Samiti, put up a concrete front and announced that they would go home only after receiving compensation.


The farmers got the support of Jatta Sangharsh Samiti, put up a concrete front and announced that they would go home only after receiving compensation.

Hisar. In Hisar, Jatta Kisan Sangharsh Samiti supported the demand of farmers from 72 villages for insurance claims and compensation. At the same time, he announced his firm stance towards the farmers. Earlier, various farmer organizations reached the Hisar mini-secretariat with thousands of tractors and carts and set up a concrete front. Due to the large number of tractors, all administrative measures failed. Tractors and tractors could be seen on every street and street in the city.

The farmers gathered at the Secretariat

The farmers parked their tractors, gathered at the mini secretariat and held a public meeting there. The public meeting was co-chaired by the organization’s district director Satish Beniwal and Dharampal Badala. District Secretary Gopal Od chaired the meeting. Addressing the gathering of thousands of farmers were State Organization Head Mandeep Nathwan, State Chief Secretary Sandeep Siwach, Suresh Koth, Saraj Bhullar, Charanpal Ludas, Kuldeep Hindustani, KD Agroha, Pardeep Malik, Anil Gorchi, Atma Ram Patan and Advocate Vikram Mittal, Kamal Brar, Sandeep Dalal, Omprakash Hasanga, Karan Singh Arya, Surajbhan Dia, Mukesh Dia etc. addressed.

been fighting for a year

In a statement released to the press, the organization’s district secretary Gopal Odh said that the organization has been fighting in Hisar district for a year to claim compensation under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana. And the district administration and the state government had agreed to pay out the insurance claims of 72 villages abandoned during the last Pakka Morcha as soon as possible. But even after more than six months, the claim to this village has not been claimed till date.

If demand is not met, a concrete frontage will be constructed on Rajgarh Road

If the government does not accept the farmers’ demands within a week, the farmers will put up a concrete front on Hisar Rajgarh Highway in front of the mini-secretariat on February 8. For which the government and the administration will bear full responsibility. The farmers had also demonstrated on this issue on December 8th on behalf of the organization and the administration had also assured that the outstanding amounts would be paid into the farmers’ accounts by December 31st. But to date they have not received their compensation. There have also been losses in the cotton crop due to pink bollworm, for which farmers also owe compensation. The farmers unanimously announced that the Pakka Morcha will continue until all insurance claims are received.

A tractor parade takes place on Republic Day

On Friday, January 26, a tractor march was carried out in Hisar on the call of the National United Kisan Morcha, during which tricolor and farmers’ flags were installed on tractors. On January 26, tractor trolleys reached the protest site at 10:00 a.m. and a program was organized at the protest site for two hours from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The parade started at one o’clock

The tractor parade started at 1:00 p.m. The farmer leaders began the parade by displaying the green flag and started a tractor march from the protest site, starting from Rajgarh Road, Lal Bati, via the Southern Bypass, via Aadhaar Hospital, via Dabra Chowk, Camp Chowk, Kisan Chowk and back via Fawhara Chowk. All tractors reached the protest site and ended it.

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