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The employees were not happy with Roadways’ transfer policy, three years changed, 15 were still sitting

Narnaul News: Employees are not happy with the online transfer policy. This puts a strain on many employees and their transfers are 200-300 km away. While there are many employees who have been stuck at the same station for years, now their number is not online. The employees involved in the transfer neither understand nor digest this matter. For this reason, there is dissatisfaction among the employees affected by the transfer. This is currently the state of the Roads Department. Around 60 Narnaul Depot employees had to shoulder the brunt of the online transfer.

Say about 60 Narnaul Depot employees have been transferred under the state government’s online transfer policy. This list was finalized on May 19 and the transfer orders went into effect on May 20. This list includes 20 drivers, 35 conductors and five employees. These staff were transferred from Narnaul to other locations and about 20 staff were also laid off from the Narnaul depot on May 21, causing resentment among the staff. The amazing thing is that those who have been stuck in Narnaul depot for 10 to 15 years have not been transferred. These are mostly employees who have been transferred recently or within the last three years. The three-year staff were transferred, while full clemency was shown to the staff who had been there longer. What is special about this list is that most of the transferred employees are middle-aged and new and old employees have not been teased. There is also dissatisfaction among the employees.

Anil Bhilwara, head of Roadways Depot, expressed his displeasure, saying that the government had badly cheated employees on the online money transfer policy. The government had asked workers to give them a yes or no option prior to online relocation, with relocating workers willing to move closer to home choosing yes and those unwilling to relocate choosing yes no. was. After that, the staff who said yes opened the portal to fill the station and then found that the option of the depot the staff wanted to go to did not open, making the staff feel cheated. In addition, those employees who declined the option were forcibly transferred. Of all the operators who were transferred to the Narnaul depot without any basis whatsoever, 90 percent are the same ones who came from outside after working at the depot. They were again transferred to different depots at a distance of 250-300 km from the Daraj depot, while the operators, who have been operating at the Narnaul depot for 15 years, were not transferred.

Depot Manager Anil Bhilwara self-reported that he was transferred from Yamunanagar to Narnaul one day this month. Now he has been transferred from Narnaul to Palwal depot without any basis whatsoever, despite the fact that the transfer policy states that a staff member once transferred must remain at a station for three years. In this way, all the rules of the transfer policy were put on hold and transferred. Pradhan has urged the Minister for Transport to resolve the issue of the transferred staff by taking note of this matter.

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