The blame lay with the officials: charge sheet handed over to the SDO of Narnaund, Jui, Sanjarwas and Uklana sub-divisions.


The blame lay with the officials: charge sheet handed over to the SDO of Narnaund, Jui, Sanjarwas and Uklana sub-divisions.

Hisar: South Haryana Electricity Distribution Corporation Managing Director PC Meena discussed all the points one by one with all the officials of various ORCs of Hisar, Bhiwani and Fatehabad Operation Circle at the conference hall of Vidyut Sadan. It outlined details of maintaining the Electricity Corporation’s parameters and all development work undertaken by the Corporation. Managing director PC Meena said it was noticed that most of the officers were not following their guidelines, which was taken seriously at the meeting. Due to the poor progress, SDO of Operation Sub-Division Narnaund, Jui, Sanjarwas and Uklana and JE-1 of Sub-Office Sisai were charged to Major Head.

Instructions for the careful handling of electricity consumer equipment

The managing director attached great importance to satisfying electricity consumers by maintaining their systems. To take stock of all the development works being carried out to provide better facilities and smooth power supply to the consumers so that they can benefit better from the electricity facilities. He gave permission to provide more vehicles as per requirement to quickly resolve consumers’ complaints and problems related to electricity.

Instructions to speed up the tube well connection

Managing Director PC Meena has focused on accelerating the pace of clearance of tubewell connections, increasing the rate of issuance of correct bills, replacing closed and faulty meters, correcting incorrect bills, reducing AT&C losses including line losses and distribution of DHBVN in the current financial condition reduce year. Gave directions to improve transformer damage rate through inspection, increase in recovery and collection capacity, detection of theft etc. He directed all officials during review of operational parameters to make maximum efforts to provide better facilities to consumers and achieve the set targets , otherwise they would be personally responsible.

Review carried out on these points

The managing director discussed all the points in turn with all the officials in the operational area. All points were discussed in this meeting. A decision was made about the transfer to the bank (RIB), the status of the sales target and the status of target achievement. Status of AT&C/Distribution Losses and Collection Efficiency, Damage Ratio of Distribution Transformers (Damage Ratio), Status and Progress under Mhara Village, Jagmag Village, Loss of Feeders. Status of LRP (Urban Feeder) and its losses, status of outstanding amount and reasons for its increase, status of settlement of dues to government bodies, status and performance of social media activities, Jan Samvad Portal etc., details of new connections. Went.

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