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The army approves 11 acres of land earmarked for the domestic airport in Haryana, the terminal will be ready soon

The army approves 11 acres of land earmarked for the domestic airport in haryana, the terminal will be ready soon - news2news. In

Meeting of Minister Anil Vij with army officers

Meeting of Minister Anil Vij with army officers

ambala Over 11 acres of land have been approved for the domestic airport terminal to be built next to the airport railway station at Haryanas Ambala. A domestic airport terminal by civil aviation will soon be built here. said an amount of Rs 40 crore has already been approved by the government for the construction of the terminal. On the other side, Defense Colony Dam Road is being built connecting Ambala’s Defense Colony, Boh, Tundla, Kalaheri and many other colonies. With the efforts of Haryana Home and Health Minister Anil Vij, an agreement was reached with the army to build the road.

On Friday, held a meeting at PWD Rest House in Ambala Canton with military officials on various army-related works in Ambala Canton. discussed the construction of Defense Colony Dam Road with military officials. Interior Minister Anil Vij said the construction of the road would benefit thousands of residents of the colonies as well as residents of the surrounding villages. At the meeting, it was agreed that the construction of the road will now be carried out by the cantonal council and that the state government will provide funds for this.

It is noteworthy that Defense Colony Dam Road is under the Ministry of Defense and currently there is a rough road where face many problems when commuting, but due to Minister Vij’s efforts, a paved road will be built here in the future. Maj. Gen. Sanjay Maini, General Officer Commanding (GOC) Sub Area Headquarters (Haryana, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh), Col. Deepender, Col. Arjun, Lt. Col. Pankaj Pandey, alongside DC Priyanka Soni, Cantt SDM and other officers participated in the briefing.

Discussion of use of adjacent military land for civilian hospital expansion

There was discussion about handing over the military compound adjacent to the hospital to the state government for the expansion of the Ambala Cantonment Civil Hospital. Interior Minister Anil Vij told army officials that the hospital’s OPD is currently more than 2500 and more space is needed to expand the hospital due to the increasing number of patients. The adjacent military area is suitable for this. Military officers discussed it and took a positive attitude.

The army agreed to widen the Boh and Babyal road

Interior Minister Anil Vij held talks with military officials to widen Boh and Babyal road from Ambala Civil Hospital. Minister Vij said both roads are major thoroughfares and face difficulties commuting due to the narrowness of the road. Military officials agreed to widen both roads in the future. An agreement was also reached on the construction of a road on the military site in Sur Mandi. This land behind BD Floor Mile is under army where the road is to be built. Apart from that, street lighting, water drainage, traffic and other issues were also discussed at the meeting.

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