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Sports Awards: Dronacharya awardee Sujit Pehelwan inherited wrestling…

Sports awards: dronacharya awardee sujit pehelwan inherited wrestling... - news2news. In

Bahadurgarh. Coach Sujit Mann with wrestler Bajrang Punia (file photo)

Bahadurgarh. Coach Sujit Mann with wrestler Bajrang Punia (file photo)

Bahadurgarh. Wrestling was inherited by trainer Sujit Pahalwan, who was awarded the highest honor in sport (Dronacharya Award) by the President’s Lotus. Inspired by grandfather, father and older brother, Sujit who came to Dangal devoted himself to wrestling. First, he brought laurels to the country by winning medals at international level, and by becoming a coach he continued that old tradition.

Coach Sujit Mann is a resident of Siddipur Lowa Kalan Village in Bahadurgarh Subdivision. His grandfather Maujiram was into wrestling. Father Ishwar Singh also loved wrestling and his older brother Sucha Singh was also an international level wrestler. Sujit also had a keen interest in wrestling. Since childhood, there was a desire to do something for the country in the field of wrestling. He went on with this desire and the family also dedicated him to wrestling. In 1987 he began learning the intricacies of wrestling from Guru Hanuman Akhara in Delhi. Rich in talent, Sujit’s performance continued to improve and the process of winning wrestling after wrestling at the state and national levels began. Received the title of Haryana Kumar about ten times and Bharat Kumar the same number of times. He also has many state and national medals.

First international medal won in 1994

In 1994, he won the country’s first medal at the international level at the World Junior Championships. After that there was no turning back. Won medals for the country at four Asian Championships held in Tehran, Tashkent, Guilin and Delhi from 1999-2004. He won the gold medal at the 2003 Commonwealth Championship. Due to the best performance he qualified in his category for the Olympic Games and represented the country in Athens. Seeing the best performances and contributions, he received the Arjuna Award in 2002, the Bhima Award in 2004 and the Railway Minister Award in 2005.

Left wrestling, started honing talents

Wrestled until 2006, after which he took on the responsibility of nurturing the talent on his shoulders. He has been associated with the Railways and the Indian team as a coach since 2009. During this time he trained many famous and great wrestlers at international level including Bajrang, Deepak, Ravi. Saved a lot of new talent and brought it to the international level. Currently head coach. Apart from that, he has also taken on the responsibilities as personal trainer of Bajrang Punia. In the field of wrestling, his name is taken over by Adab. The reason for this status and respect is his hard work and dedication to wrestling.

Sujit Mann is very humble

Also the behavior of Sujit who prepares the wrestlers is very polite. This can also be seen from the fact that his name has advanced many times before but failed to receive the award. Still, he didn’t despair. He continued his work with the same passion. Now they finally got the respect they deserved. Wrestlers and wrestling lovers are very happy after receiving Dronacharya Award.

The aim is to take wrestling to a higher level

Dronacharya award winner Sujit Mann says wrestling is his passion. His goal is to take Indian wrestling to a higher level. This is the message to the youth that they should use their energy wisely. Stay away from drugs and social evils and excel in sports. Seventeen Head Dalip Singh, Elder Brother Sucha Singh, Family Members Ravindra Mann, Bijendra aka Bhola Pahalwan, Pradeep Maan, Jasbir Pahalwan, Samarjit Maan, Jagbir Maan, Hansbir Maan, Akshay Kumar, Ramkishan, Ashok Maan, Ratan Singh, Former Pradhan Sandeep, Praveen Maan, Rajeev Maan, Ramesh, Dharam, Anand, Ankush, Neeraj, Manjit, Sultan Maan, Mahendra, Ramesh, Dhanraj, Jitendra, Lala and Ranbir etc say that Sujit increased the respect of the village. We are proud of his achievement. When he returns to the village, he is given a great reception.

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