Sonipat: Elderly man murdered with sharp weapon, two sentenced to life imprisonment


Sonipat: Elderly man murdered with sharp weapon, two sentenced to life imprisonment

Sonipat court.

Sonipat court. news. Sonipat. Additional District and Sessions Judge Dr. Sanjeev Arya has convicted two youths who are accused of murdering an elderly person by attacking him with a sharp weapon. Both convicts were sentenced to life imprisonment. The old man’s daughter-in-law was also charged in the case. However, the court acquitted him due to lack of evidence. Both perpetrators were also fined Rs 16,000 each.

Sajjan, a resident of Nahra village, had complained to the Kundli police station on March 10, 2019 that his father Kartar (65) and mother Hanso Devi (62) were sleeping in a room on the night of March 9, 2019 house slept. His seven-year-old niece Navya also slept with him. The gentleman was sleeping near the cattle shed at his older brother’s house. His parents were attacked at night by unknown people with sharp weapons. Hearing the noise, Navya, who was sleeping in the room, opened her eyes and saw both people running out of the house. Both had a scarf tied over their faces. Navya had called around 1.30 am and informed Uncle Sajjan about the matter. The gentleman and his brother Karna, who was on leave from the army, then ran towards the house. He took his parents, who were found injured in the house, to Satyawadi Raja Harishchandra Hospital in Narela, Delhi, where the doctor declared Kartar dead. The police had registered a murder case against the unknown man. Kundli police station in-charge Ravindra Kumar, who conducted the investigation, had received information that a family member was involved in the murder case. As the police checked everyone’s call details, suspicions increased about Kartar’s daughter-in-law Reena. The police arrested him on suspicion. After her interrogation, the police revealed the incident and said that Reena, along with Harish, a resident of her native village Murthal, and his friend Shubham, a resident of Tajpur village, ensured that her father-in-law was murdered. The police had arrested all three. It was said that Harish, a resident of Reena’s maternal house, used to come to her house regularly. When he came home, his father-in-law Kartar would make comments. He also told his son Pawan. Because of this, there was an argument in the house. Because of this, there was discord between husband and wife. Due to this, Harish along with his friend Shubham committed the crime.

After hearing the case, ASJ condemned Dr. Sanjeev Arya Harish and Shubham to life imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10,000 each for murder, 3 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 1,000 under Section 324 of the IPC and 10 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 5,000 under Section 449 of the IPC. Sentenced to a fine. All penalties are carried out simultaneously.

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