Snatching became a challenge in Rohtak: as soon as night falls, the rule of the villains who victimize women


Snatching became a challenge in Rohtak: as soon as night falls, the rule of the villains who victimize women

Snatch Somlata in Jhang Colony, snatch after chasing Apothecaries. (Photo: By CCTV)

Snatch Somlata in Jhang Colony, snatch after chasing Apothecaries. (Photo: By CCTV) News: Rohtak. The snatching becomes a big challenge for the townspeople. As soon as the evening comes, the purse, mobile phone and chain robbery begins among the women. Even men get caught on the deserted streets. The defendants surround and beat in public and flee after committing the crime. The criminals are not afraid of the police case, nor of being caught.

The special feature: Most incidents occur after six o’clock in the evening, so that the criminals take advantage of the darkness and flee. Apart from that, robbery takes place in areas where there are neither police patrols nor the correct location of video surveillance. In addition, two youths were killed for resisting kidnapping near the railway line, Indira Colony and Hisar Street. Recently, villains have committed kidnappings in many areas including Railway Road, Old Bus Station, Saini School Road, Mansarovar Colony, Hisar Road, and Shivaji Colony. In such a situation, it is not easy to take action against wrongdoers. The police must work with a new strategy to deal with the bad guys.

ordered action

In the case of kidnappings, immediate action is taken. In addition to the police station, CIA teams are also trying to reach the accused through investigations. PCR, Riders were given strict guidelines to increase patrols. At the same time, orders were issued to take action in pending cases. – Uday Singh Meena, SP Rohtak

these events

Grabbing the Apothecary’s Chase:Chunipura resident Anil Kumar said he was stationed in Delhi Kishanganj as a pharmacist at Indian Railways. On March 1, around 11:00 p.m., he had landed a train at Rohtak station to come home from work. Started running towards the house to avoid the villains. When he started running towards Prem Nagar Chowk, they chased him. He provided information on the matter by phoning his nephew, then the accused escaped by stealing both of his cell phones.

Scooty riders grabbed cellphones: Village Madodhi Jatan, a resident of Mohit, said in the complaint at the police station that he came for training at Tata Motor in the IDC area on February 22. When he got near Gaddi Khedi Road, three boys came on a scooty. As soon as he arrived, he took his cell phone out of his pocket and ran away.

Grab the earring and ring by hypnotizing:Elderly woman Kanta Khurana from Pithwara Mohalla had come to work in the market on the evening of February 23rd. Two teenagers and a woman started to follow the older woman. The defendant made the woman smell some narcotics. The defendants removed the earring and ring from their ears. The woman claims the incident happened after she was hypnotized.

Three teenagers stole cell phonesIn the complaint to the police, Dheeraj, a resident of Lahli village, said he opened a spare parts shop on Hisar Road in Rohtak. They walked in front of the T point on Bhiwani Road on Friday. Meanwhile his phone rang and he spoke. Three teenagers came and took the cell phone.

Woman chain snatched in Janta Colony:Kamla Devi, a resident of Janata Colony, stated in the complaint that she was a teacher at Vaishya Kanya Senior Secondary School. On February 22, he and his friend rode Scooty from school to Janata Colony. Scooty was being driven by her friend and she was sitting behind. When they reached the Janata colony along the way, two Scooty-riding youths came and fled, tearing the chain from their necks.

Teenagers killed for opponent cell phone robbery:On March 1, thugs stabbed a young man in the Sainik colony on the Hisar bypass. He protested against the theft of mobile phones. His companion was also injured after being hit in the middle. After the incident, the suspect fled using the deceased’s cell phone.

The youth was murdered after the robbery in December:In December 2022, the youth was stabbed to death for resisting a kidnapping near the Hisar Road railway line. Vikas, Rahul and Ramkesh, residents of Siddharth Nagar in UP, lived in a rented house in Shastri Nagar. All three returned from the train station on December 13th. When Indira Colony reached the railway line near the police post, there were many youths sitting there. All three tried to snatch the youth’s phone. When he protested, the defendant attacked him with a knife.

No trace of thieves found:Agra, a resident of Somlata, said she lives in Jhang Colony and works at the Central Bank of India. Came home with the goods. Only then did two teenagers get on the bike and tear the gold chain from his neck and run away.

bike caughtIn his complaint to the police, Jeevan, a resident of JP Colony, said he was abducted by an unknown person near the Kachha Beri Road gate.

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