SIT recorded statements from 470 female students in the anonymous CDLU letter case, no abuse was confirmed


SIT recorded statements from 470 female students in the anonymous CDLU letter case, no abuse was confirmed

CDLU anonymous letter updates: There is a new update on the allegations of sexual harassment made in an anonymous letter by 500 female students against a professor of Chaudhary Devi Lal University, Sirsa. In fact, Sirsa Police Special Team Head Deepti Garg gave detailed information about the case in a press conference on Friday. He said that the police have recorded the statements of 470 female students so far. Statements from some students are still pending. So far, the investigation has found that a student’s harassment allegations have not been substantiated. He said that some female students had gone home for the holidays. The police are also trying to contact these students.

Statements from 30 female professors were also recorded

ASP said this matter is very serious. Therefore, the police are investigating the case from all angles. He said the university management had also lodged a complaint saying the matter needed to be investigated impartially. ASP said that the professor against whom allegations were made also studies physics. Physics students were also interviewed in such a situation. In addition, statements from 30 female professors at the university were also recorded. He said it will be difficult to say whether these allegations are true or false until the statements of all female students are recorded. The police are investigating the matter impartially.

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No evidence was found that CCTV footage was deleted

The ASP further said that the students were asked to delete the CCTV footage. Nothing of the sort came to light during the cyber team’s investigation. The official said that teachers and students informed that similar incidents had happened before. The case will be proceeded on this basis.

That’s the whole thing

Let us tell you that recently 500 female students of a department of Chaudhary Devi Lal University (CDLU) accused a professor of sexual harassment. In this regard, the students had written an anonymous letter and sent letters to the Prime Minister and the Governor seeking justice. After this matter came to light, there was excitement. Afterwards, the students protested in front of the college. However, in this case the professor had declared his innocence.

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