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Sirsa: Thousands of acres of must crops damaged by frost, farmers wept after seeing the ruined crop

Farmers display frost-damaged mustard crops in Kumhariya village.

Farmers display frost-damaged mustard crops in Kumhariya village.

News2News.in News. Sirsa: Mustard harvest has come to grips with the dry cake due to the severe cold in the Chupta block bordering Rajasthan. This time, mustard crop was sown on approximately 19,200 hectares in the Chaupata Block. In which about 13000 hectares of mustard crops were damaged by frost. Farmers are helpless in the face of nature’s onslaught. Farmers said they wept when they saw the must crops destroyed by frost on the fields.

This time mustard was sown on about 19200 hectares, wheat on 37200 hectares, grams on 2100 hectares, barley on 2100 hectares in the chopta block. Mustard, wheat, chickpeas are grown in Kumharia, Roopawas, Kagdana, Khedi, Jasaniyan, Rajpura Sahni, Chaharwala, Rampura Dhillon, Gigorani, Rampura Nawabad, Jogiwala, Gusaiyana, Jodkiyan villages etc. Farmer Rajpal from Kumhariya village said that to at that point the mustard harvest was ripe, but the mustard harvest had been spoiled by dry frost. He told that the must crop on his 10 hectares was damaged by frost.

Farmer Surajbhan narrated that his 5 acre must crop was damaged by frost, similarly Rupavas Indrapal village narrated that the must crop suffered badly from the frost. Farmers Satyanarayan, Jagdish Chandra, Subhash Chandra, Rakesh Kumar, Mahavir, Ramkumar, Mahendra Singh, Sultan Singh etc say that it has become very difficult to cover household expenses after the must crop was hit by frost. Now this has been discussed with Agriculture Development Officer Shailendra Singh. He said that about 13,000 hectares of must crops in the Nathusari-Chopta block were hit by frost. The extent of frost damage is assessed.

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