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Sirsa: Encounter between Jagga gangsters and police in Kawalali area, one thug was shot in the knee

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News2News.in News: A rogue was shot dead in the encounter between the Jagga gangster and police in the Sirsa Kawalali area tonight. Dabwali CIA police have taken the villain to Sirsa Civil Hospital for treatment after he was shot in the knee. It is noteworthy that on Monday at 15:30 in Kalavali, some people arriving in two vehicles fired bullets at Deepak alias Deepu, the head of Truck Union Kalavali and Virender alias Deepu from Kalavali and two other people who were in the Scorpio sat, fired Auto War. In the process, Deepak aka Deepu and Virendra Roop Deepu were killed.

While 2 people were injured on board the Scorpio, the police had registered a case against Jagga Balkar from Takht Mal village and four names and some others in this case and formed 5 teams to catch the attackers. It is reported that the CIA received information today about the presence of Balkar Singh on Takhtmal v Taruana Road in Kala Wale, who is said to be near Jagga. These days, Jagga is associated with the Babia gang and is also on NIA’s radar. The NIA also issued a summons to Jagga to appear at headquarters. As soon as the police started chasing the villains’ car, they started shooting at the police.

When police retaliated, Balkar was shot in the knee and caught by police. Weapons were also seized on Balkar. During this time, however, two of Balkar’s companions managed to escape. Let us tell you that Jagga claimed responsibility for Monday’s murder by making a post on Instagram. It was said that the two injured would soon be killed. After this incident, the Sirsa Police Superintendent formed five teams, including the CIA, and ordered the attackers arrested. In today’s episode it was reported that CIA Dabwali went through Balkar Singh whereupon this encounter took place.

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